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New Kids Menu at Joes Crab Shack Features Healthy Dining Choices

New Kids Menu at Joes Crab Shack Features Healthy Dining Choices

WASHINGTON, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Parents traveling with young children this summer have a new tool to help them navigate healthy dining choices at restaurants, and it will direct them to a new kids menu and registered dietician endorsed choices at Joes Crab Shack. The announcement was made at a National Press Club briefing where members of the Washington Press Corps got to eat like a kid sampling Kids LiveWell menu items that conform to the programs rigid nutritional guidelines. From Joes Crab Shack they sampled succulent steamed Snow crab and fresh corn on the cob prepared by the restaurants culinary director George Atsangbe. food choice is presented with nutritionals, including calories, calories from fat, fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber and protein. Joes has always been a place where friends and families share memorable dining experiences, Temple said. We hope parents can use the Kids LiveWell tools to ensure that their children have a fun time and great nutrition at Joes Crab Shack. are always welcome to join in the dancing in our restaurants. This program is as much about getting moving as it is about making smart food choices, she added. Joes Crab Shack serves buckets of crab and a wide variety of steampots, fish, shrimp, burgers, chicken and festive vacationstyle drinks amid a carefree atmosphere.

Latest Research Backs Muscle Building

Latest Research Backs Muscle Building

For years bodybuilders have been employing Whey protein to boost their gains, add protein to their bodies, increase their health and build muscles faster. But how much of this is documented in science and how much of it is just anecdotal proof that it works?

The truth is, there is a lot of scientific proof backing Whey and its effects on muscle building. Here are some of the last research pieces that have come out.

One research document, titled Consuming whey protein after resistance exercise can stimulate protein synthesis by Tipton K, Elliott T, Cree M, Wolf S, Sanford An and Wolfe R, showed that taking Whey right after a workout can have significant impact on muscle gains.

They took a group of three different people: One took a placebo supplement; another took a whey protein supplement while a third took a Casein supplement. The results showed that the group which took Whey had significantly more gains than the other two groups.

Unlike many other research studies, this paper was actually a compilation of the results from 9 different research papers. went through many different research papers and compiled results on muscle gains, immune system boosting and the psychoemotional effects of Whey protein.

After an exhaustive multipage report, Marjorie had this to say about her results:

So, the often seen statement that whey is an ultimate protein doesnt appear too far off the mark. It can supply an easily digested, complete protein for replenishing the muscles and help boost the immune system as a bonus! It appears to have superior qualities over casein and soy products, and it is widely available. For someone looking for the best protein source to supplement their diet, this would probably be my first recommendation.

Results from a 12 Week Study

In a 12 week study titled Whey Protein Isolate, Not Casein, Improves Strength and Body Composition, Cribb P studied the effects of Whey on the body.

The study had people working out using a 10 week resistance training regime. The regime included barbell squat, bench press and cable pulldown exercises. After 10 weeks, what did Cribb find? He found that the Casein group, the placebo group and the Whey group all had different results.

The Whey group showed far more improvement than any of the other 3 groups. Heres what Cribb said as a conclusion: The subjects who consumed whey protein showed significantly greater strength improvements in three exercises barbell squat, bench press, and cable pulldown compared to those who consumed casein. There were no significant effects of either training or supplementation on blood glutamine levels for either group.

The Proof is Conclusive

These are just three of the many studies recently conducted that show the benefits of Whey. Whey protein has been proven by many bodybuilders as well as countless scientists. Whey works Pure and simple.

Johnston named school trustee

Johnston named school trustee

Donna Johnston, an aide to Riverside County Supervisor John Tavaglione and wife of Jurupa Valley Councilman Frank Johnston, was selected Monday, Aug. 5, to replace Mary Burns on the Jurupa Unified School District board of education.

The vote was 31. Trustee Robert Bobby Hernandez cast the dissenting vote. Johnston was sworn in after the vote.

Johnston beat out four other candidates, including schoolteacher Roberta Pye Cornejo, who ran against Burns in the 2010 election and came in second of four candidates.

Last nights other candidates were driver Christopher Agrella, substitute teacher Arthur Gonzales and retired aerospace worker Donald Phillips.

The five underwent a grueling interview process, fielding questions on stemming the flow of Jurupaarea students to other school districts, what makes a good board meeting and how important morale is to accomplishing district goals.

Trustee Brian Schafer, who has been researching why more than 2,700 students have left the Jurupa district, asked candidates what concerns they wanted addressed to stem that flow.

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iaStor did not respond within the timeout period

iaStor0 did not respond within the timeout period

I have a brandnew Windows 7 laptop that was hanging from time to time with the message in Event Viewer \Device\Ide\iaStor0 did not respond within the timeout period. It would typically hang for 1530 seconds and then come back to life.

I have found what I think is the source of the problem, and have a workaround. I am reporting it here in case other people are having similar problems. If Im right, the problem comes about on machines with RAID controllers Intel Array Storage, otherwise known as Rapid Storage Technology with disks in my case, probably a Samsung SSD that do not support a feature called Link Power Management.

Link Power Management LPM is described by Intel as a feature described by the Serial ATA specification to overcome the power demand of a highspeed serial interface, SATA and providing the capability of SATA at the minimum power cost. Apparently, for it to work, it has to be coupled with a disk drive that supports it correctly. If the disk does not support the feature, various people online have reported exactly the symptom Ive been seeing: The system hangs, and then the Array Storage reports an error code 9 \Device\Ide\iaStor0 did not respond within the timeout period.

Intel says that it is possible to disable LPM selectively by port. The relevant information is in registry keywhere n represents the port number, starting from 0. Within each of those keys are the following DWORD values:

LPM: 0 disable or 1 enable; default = enable

LPMSTATE: 0 partial, 1 slumber; default = disable; ignored when LPM = 0

LPMDSTATE: 0 partial, 1 slumber; default = enable

DIPM: 0 disable, 1 enable; default = enable

I tried disabling LPM for all six of the ports on my machine, by setting LPM, LPMDSTATE, and DIPM to 0 in the registry for the key corresponding to each port 0 through 5. I have not had a single disk error report since then.

Obviously this experience does not prove for certain that this is the source of my problems. But if you are having similar difficulties on your machine, and you have a RAID controller, and especially if you have a Samsung SSD, I would think this is an experiment worth trying.

IDFOpening Keynote

IDF 2012 Opening Keynote

This morning Intel kicked off the corporations 15th Intel Developer Forum IDF with an opening keynote that was given by David Perlmutter. Each year IDF has a theme and this year that theme is The Future of Innovation is Wide Open. Intel hopes that theme will create some buzz and demonstrate how developers can take advantage of the latest innovations in hardware, software and services to help enable the best user experiences on Intel architecture from the cloud to devices. Intel isnt the only company that is doing major announcements this week as tomorrow Apple is holding an event just down the street, where the iPhone is expected to be announced. You also have companies like AMD and ARM holding meetings just down the street during the show, so all the big name tech players are active in San Francisco this week. Since all eyes are on the tech market this week, it means that Intel must show that the PC is alive and well and that the chip giant is going to be able to branch out to smartphones, tablets and anything else thats coming down the road.

For the past several years Intel has been focusing thinner and lighter laptops, known as Ultrabooks, but Microsofts reimagining of Windows and the move to touch interfaces have added some complications to those plans. Microsoft Windows 8, which officially arrives on October 26, is designed to work on both PCs and tablets. With the introduction of Windows 8 youll start to see a ton of new touch and voice features Dragon Assistant Beta. Sure, there will be still be the traditional laptop with and without touchscreens, but youll start to see more slates and tablets that try bridge the gap between the PC and laptop. Companies like ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo have recently started announcing these so called Windows 8 convertibles. This is great news for consumers as it expands the definition of computing by introducing natural interactions to computing experience. If it makes the experience better for consumers, then it should be a win for everyone.

Intel officially announced the 4th Generation Intel Core Processor using a new microarchitecture that has been codenamed Haswell. Intel said that Haswell will deliver 2x the graphics performance compared to Ivy Bridge. Intel said this is not an easy feat as the power envelop remains the same. This was expected as last week Intel released some information about the Haswell, including that they will have a mobile version of the product family that will feature a 10W thermal design power TDP and an integrated I/O hub. This is a critical feature for x86 tablets and the next generation of ultrathin PCs ultrabooks. Ivy Bridge has a 17W TDP, so this is a significant drop that should help consumers get all day battery life. Intel executive vice president Dadi Perlmutter showed off the machine with its massive 46inch full 1080p video screen. This machine was functional and WiFi, a QR Code reader, camera, microphone, money slot and dispenser. You can even use the machine to take a picture to email or share among friends on social networks! Pretty cool stuff and just a glimpse of what markets Intel is headed into in the future. One thing that should be noted is that no desktop computers were on stage during the opening keynote this year. This was a clear sign that things have certainly changed over the years!

How To Treat Gum Infection

How To Treat Gum Infection

What can be better then having white teeth and pink healthy gums, having the perfect smile that everyone admires mmm sounds amazing and so far from reality Stop dreaming you can have it today!

Healthy teeth and gums help people to feel better and have better self esteem, but we can all have it so why dont we just take care of our teeth and gums and worry about other things?

Gum infection is a very common dental problem everyone suffers from at some point in their life. Over the years people get more and more oral infections, after the age of 35 the risk is even greater.

Gum infection is very painful and non attractive disease. If not treated it may result in tooth loss, because the gums and bones surrounding the teeth get destroyed.

What is this infection and how can we avoid it?

An infection is when bacteria or viruses invade and grow within a tissue and usually cause inflammation, which is swelling, redness and blooded gums.

The most common types of gum disease are: Gingivitis and Periodontitis.

To prevent having gum infection we should brush our teeth regularly and clean the teeth at the dentist every 6 month.

If we neglected the teeth and gums and we do suffer from gum infection or other oral disease we can use some medications to relieve the pain and swelling. We can buy the products or make them from our household products. To easily make the home remedies we can use the things we have in our kitchen.

These remedies will sure help your pain but you have to take control and take care of your teeth or you will suffer from more gum infections and may lose a tooth or more. When you feel any pain or see any swelling or redness go to the dentist and check the best treatment for the problem. The sooner you take care of the problem the better you will feel and look..

Helena school board request

Helena school board request

GREENSBURG, La. AP A Baton Rouge federal judge denied a request by the to let the parish offer middle school grades to its students. Helena Central Middle School to the staterun Recovery School District.

St. Helena Parish has only three schools elementary, middle and high. The parish school board runs only the elementary and high schools at the moment.

Sr., the St. Helena Parish School Boards attorney, filed a motion May 1 asking Brady either to give St. Helena Central Middle School back to the School Board or let the parish add fifth and sixth grades to its elementary school and seventh and eighth grades to its high school.

Taylor later filed a motion to have a fifth grade added to St. Helena Central Elementary School to accommodate parents who had requested that their children stay in the St. Helena district.

The school boards request was part of the parishs decadesold school desegregation suit.

The school board argued it needed middle school grades of its own to maintain a consistent educational model from grades one through 12.

The board also argued that state law requires school districts to provide students an alternative school choice when their primary school is taken over by the Recovery School District.

The RSD opposed St. Helenas request, saying the parish doesnt have a large enough middle school population to justify having an alternative choice for parents. The RSD also argued that state law requires an alternative school choice only when an alternative choice is feasible.

Brady, in denying the St. Helena School Boards request, said it is not feasible at this time for the parish to offer alternative middle school grades.

Gold or Bust

Gold or Bust

I first met Don Taps Gallagher years back when I frequented Tom McCauleys old Emerald Isle downtown, on Pearson St. Stepping into The Isle with Taps behind the bar, the first thing youd notice was his height 6 7. The second came when hed ask: Whadya havin that strong NYawk accent. Taps was working nights at the Isle earning the freight on his room, board and law courses at Loyola Universitys downtown campus next door, with an occasional poker session thrown in to help with incidentals.

My wife, Dorothy would also tend bar there on weekends. The crowd was mostly Irish, of course; mostly friendly, and wildly enthusiastic towards the performers, especially when the Irish Minstrels were on stage which was frequently. For nearly 14 years the Minstrels Mike Duignan, Marty Smith, Benny Lynch and later Dave Dunne were the house band. They belted out battle tunes and ballads for a large crosssection of Irish Chicago: students and teachers; corporate and construction workers, white collar and blue, and frequent notables like daytime Emmy queen Cloris Leachman, and clout kings like Neil Hartigan. Players for visiting pro sports teams would always stop in. Back then there werent many places like it in Chicago, or any other city. The interest in Irish music begun by the Clancy Brothers had just begun to spawn young Irish replica groups. The Emerald Isle was an oasis in a pop/rock desert.

On Friday and Saturday nights the big barroom was SRO or rather WRO wiggle room only with drinks pressed tight to chest amid the churning, chanting crowd. Conversation was out of the question as guys danced with girls, girls danced with girls, and some simply danced solo. Occasionally a couple guys would get to dancing, and Dorothy was glad to have nononsense proprietor Tom on hand, as well as Taps, barman/boxer Tony Fitz, and CPD officer Tony Doyle, a regular. Dorothy would say that when the Schlitz hit the fan, she didnt want to call for help and see Cagney and Lacey coming through the door.

What we didnt know back then was that the big guy behind the bar was on a sacred quest, a mission to right a wrong. In 1972 Donald Taps Gallagher was 18, starting his freshman year at St. Johns University in New York, to study law administration. That was the year when the US Olympic basketball team failed to win the gold medal for the first time in Olympic history.

After watching Team USA lose the controversial mens basketball gold medal match to the USSR, Taps sense of fairness was outraged. That was the only time I ever wanted to kick the TV in. I said that day, If I ever become a lawyer, Im going to try and get them the gold medal.

It was September 10, 1972, just days after the kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes by armed Palestinians at the Games in Munich, West Germany. Olympic officials had considered cancelling the rest of the Games, but decided to continue in defiance of terror.

The youngest squad to ever represent the United States in Olympic competition faced a seasoned Soviet team for the gold. gap grew to 10 with less than 10 minutes to play. The Americans had been following Coach Henry Ibas instructions, playing a slow, passing game when, led by Tommy Henderson and Kevin Joyce, they broke free in a furious comeback, shaving the Soviet lead down to one point, with 38 seconds to go. Then Doug Collins intercepted a crosscourt pass by Alexander Below with less than 10 seconds to go, and drove to the basket. He was fouled hard by Zurab Sakandelidze, and knocked into the basket stanchion. With three seconds left to play, Collins lay still, momentarily knocked cold.

Assistant coaches scrambled to choose someone to shoot Collins free throws. Collins was in a haze, his left eye bruised and swelling, his left wrist aching from the impact. Collins: I remember Coach Haskins and Coach Bach saying to Coach Iba, We gotta get somebody to shoot these free throws,. Coach Iba said: If Doug can walk, hes shooting them. Some say it was the best call Iba ever made.

With the USSR ahead 4948 and three seconds left on the clock, Collins came to his feet and toed the line for the USA to attempt the most pressurepacked free throw in Olympic history. A star for his Benton Ill. high school team and later Illinois State, Collins sank his first throw to even the score. What happened next in the tense, roaring arena has been a point of burning contention for 40 years.

The Soviets signaled a timeout just as Collins was about to release his second free throw. Officials did not recognize any timeout, and Collins sank the shot, putting Team USA in the lead with 3 seconds left to play.

The Soviet Union then inbounded the ball, but when it had only reached halfcourt when, with one second remaining, responding to Soviet complaints about the missed timeout, referees stopped the game and reset the clock back to three seconds. The Soviets then inbounded the ball for the second time, taking a shot that bounced off the backboard and rim. Time expired, the buzzer sounded, Frank Gifford announced the victory for ABC and fans leapt from their seats, cheering wildly. The Americans had won an unprecedented eighth gold medal in a row!

But amid the celebration R. William Jones, head of the FIBA amateur basketball association, shoved his way onto the court and demanded that referees and officials restart the game because the clock had not been reset properly. Renato William Jones, born in Rome to a British father and Italian mother, helped popularize basketball in Europe and in Asia. He was a founder in 1932 of FIBA Amateur Basketball, serving as its SecretaryGeneral until 1976. And since then the US had taken seven straight gold medals in a 63 game winning streak, the longest in the history of any Olympic team sport. Jones believed it would be better for the sport if other countries won once in awhile.

Despite heated American protests, Jones ordered an additional three seconds on the clock, giving the Russians yet a third chance to inbound the ball. The Americans were outraged, but Jones told them if they left the court they would forfeit the game. Ivan Edeshko then took the ball out, while USAs Tom McMillen backed way off lest he be given a technical foul for crowding. Edeshko inbounded a full court pass to Aleksandr Belov, who laid it up for the one point Soviet win.

The dispirited American team members agreed not to accept the silver, and filed a protest. The 12 medals now lay stored at the Olympic museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. Jones denied for two days that he ordered officials to set the clock back.

In July 2012 Bloomberg News revealed that Nikolai Beshkarev, chief of the basketball office of the Soviet Sport Games Department visited Jones in July of 1972. Searching a Russian government archive Bloomberg uncovered a report from Beshkarev to his superiors in Moscow telling them that Jones, whod rooted for the Soviets at an earlier Olympic championship game, remained enthusiastic about their team. Then, just weeks after meeting Beshkarev, Jones caused one of the biggest disputes in Olympic history at Munich. According to unpublished correspondence by longtime International Olympic Committee IOC President Avery Brundage, some American basketball coaches and executives considered Jones a tyrant and Communist sympathizer.

Jones himself appointed five members of his FIBA, not the IOC, to hear the United States protest. protest. National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger: I now know that there is a God above.

Doug Collins, now head coach of the Philadelphia 76rs, did onair game analysis for Team USAs 107100 victory in 2012. Amid the roar following the triumph, Collins commented that the American team didnt celebrate any wins until the final game was won. Sports pages later quoted Collins: Other teams had such celebrations after wins. But the United States knew one thing only, gold or bust, bitch!

But then again. Collins was sharing the microphone with announcer Bob Fitzgerald and might have said: gold or bust, Fitz! Amid the sounds of jubilation, its a tossup.

Gallagher supports the American teams effort to have the Olympic committee award duplicate medals, as they have done in other disputed cases, rather than rescinding the gold medals given to the Soviet team. Hes been pressing the IOC and FIBA for years to hear his appeals, but both governing bodies have refused.

Taps is an honest guy, and a straight shooter. His expertise is in workmens comp. and personal injury cases; and he treats his clients fairly. If you need representation he can be reached at: 6309209933.

Its a gripping read, with indepth coverage of the team, the time and the game; and for the price of about three pints, well worth your dime and time.