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s Birthday Party Idea

s Birthday Party Idea

Teddy bears! Just saying it out loud brings thoughts of warmth, fun, cuddles and joy! Children love stuffed animals and the teddy bear has been a favorite of children of all ages for almost a hundred years when the idea took hold in both Germany and the United States. And when President Roosevelt used a bear as his mascot for his reelection bid a few years later, the craze took off.

Collectors purchases of teddy bears in the US alone reach almost a half a million dollars per year and that not even including purchases by children just for fun! It an amazing thing and no wonder. They just cute!

So why not consider incorporating a stuffed animal bear or other animal in your child next birthday party? There are so many options and using bears and other fun stuffed critters make for easy decor as well as activities for the kids.

Here are six great ideas for incorporating teddy bears into your next party:

Teddy Bear Tea Party have all the guests bring their favorite stuffed animal and go all out with a fun tea with scones, dipped strawberries and other fun treats.

A Teddy Bear Fashion Show break out the scarves and baby clothes along with jewelry, beads, etc and let the guests dress up their bears. Take lots of photos and make a with your dining room table.

Teddy Bear slumber party Jammies, sleeping bags and teddy bears. Serve Pizza, put on a fun movie and you done. It doesn get any easier than that!

Teddy Bear Picnic indoors or out so don limit yourself to the summer months. If your child birthday falls in winter, just crank up the heat in the house, lay out a gingham blanket and enjoy!

Make your own Teddy Bear visit the local mall store or hire in a make your own stuffed animal entertainer. Each guest will make their own stuffed animal so it can be the entertainment and the take home gift all in one!

6. Give a teddy to a child in need have the focus of your birthday party be on giving and have the kids make the bear like above but then bring all the made bears to a local shelter or hospital children ward to share the love.

The fun thing about teddy bears is that it so great for all different ages. From toddlers to teens to seniors, they all love them.

So consider the teddy bear for your child next birthday party! You create great memories, have fun and it will also be one of the easiest parties to put together. Sign up for her free birthday club when you visit her website today. Read our full Terms of Service.

Small Weathervanes

Small Weathervanes

Large and small weathervanes alike often adorn rooftops throughout the world. These, along with cupolas and finials, are functional, yet decorative ornaments that have held a long history through many architectural periods. They are so popular, that many people today collect contemporary and antique weathervanes. Old weathervanes are sometimes quite valuable, and new ones often increase in value.

Getting to Know Cupolas, Finials, and Small Weathervanes

For a long time, I did not know what the word cupola described, although Ive seen many cupolas in imagery and on many buildings. Cupolas are most recognized on church, school, and barn rooftops as the small dome structure with its own little roof. Sometimes designed with a bell underneath, cupolas are intended to allow light into the structure, or provide a release for hot air.

Sometimes youll see finials attached to the apex of a cupolas rooftop. Finials, which are ornamental caps in various designs, are made specifically to cover the apex of a structure in order to weatherproof that point. Towers, gazebos, fencing, and turrets commonly display finials decoratively, while the finials keep water from absorbing into the apex. Finial styles can be very simple or intricate.

Most of us have probably seen large and small weathervanes affixed to rooftops or displayed in a yard. The way weathervanes are designed; the ornament rotates on a ball bearing to point in the direction of the wind. Weathervanes have been around since ancient Greek times, and are available in countless designs. Small weathervanes can be a cute addition to your garden.


Psalm 91

Faithfilled prayer is powerful. But, when destruction is knocking at the door or rolling over the horizon, it hard to keep the emotions and intellect in line enough to pray with confident faith. Fear, anxiety and fretting take over. This is not the most effective stance from which to pray. Not at all!

So, a potent antidote: pray scripture, more specifically pray Psalm 91. The Psalm becomes a guide, a mentor for praying with confidence and belief, no matter how bad the situation you are facing. But, Bible scholars do seem to agree that either Moses or David penned this one in their later lives. Both of these men learned to trust God and walk with Him through the most hairraising scenarios. The life of either of them could be turned into an actionpacked, suspensefilled TV miniseries. And, it would all be true.

So, when a champion of faith is inspired by God to write encouragement to all who will follow, we sit up and take notice. Better yet, we stand up in prayer and fly the banner this champion is passing on. We take up the images and the wording of Psalm 91 to use in our own prayers.

God is faithful to protect and deliver. He is your fortress, high tower, the place where we can run to be safe. The key to this protection is in the first verse. We must stay close, abide in Him, let Him be the Secret Place, another reality in which to be rooted.

Praying Psalm 91 in a continual way is one method for staying close and abiding in God.

Keeping a scripture like Psalm 91 rolling over and over in prayer works wonders in overcoming negative, fearfilled selftalk. So two things are accomplished in this prayer:

One: The power of Heaven is released into the situation you are praying about. Remember, the Word of God is alive and active, alive with His power. And, you are now releasing it. Is that a mindboggling concept?

Two: As you pray Psalm 91 your mind is being renewed according to the promises of God. Your thinking changes. And as your thinking changes, your behavior changes. That is how it works. Thinking controls behavior.

Back to the foxhole image: It has long been known that soldiers who are confident, who have fear under control are much more likely to survive a battle. Pray with Psalm 91 and way increase your chances of surviving the battle you now face.

Professional Web Site Design from Start to Finish

Professional Web Site Design from Start to Finish

If I gave you a box of carpentry tools, could you build me a house? While having the right tools to do a project is a great first step, you still need to learn the overall process of how and when to use those tools to achieve your goals, knowledge that few other web design books present. If you dont, the first chapter will bring you up to speed. Then in clean, clear language, it steps you through the web design and development process from start to finish, from a successful studio owners perspective: Brainstorming site goals, gathering and converting content, developing a strategic site architecture, balancing elements of tone, message, and navigation, prototyping and presenting designs, organizing and trafficking files, production, subcontracting, publishing and promotion.

Whether youre working on a 5page site for your community organization or youre the project manager for a huge portal site for a Fortune 100, this book will provide you with the essential strategies and checkpoints that ensure a successful web site.

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Spring Seeds

Spring Seeds 2010

This Mainebased company introduces a new heirloom green tomato this year Cherokee Green has medium size fruit that mature green with a hint of orange, and a bold, complex tomato flavor.

Amethyst Improved is a new dark purple basil with nearlyblack leaves. They are thick just like the classic green variety, Genovese.

Scheepers sources intriguing European selections, such as Gourmet Rainbow Radish Mixture, which they suggest for eyepopping salads and crudite extravaganzas. The mix includes seven of their most colorful from purple to yellow as well as crisp and delicious ones.

Lettuce Mix Torino Italian Misticanza This classic Italian mixture includes eight varieties selected for complementary tastes and textures as well as closely matched growth rates. Can be harvested as baby leaves, or mature plants. Includes five different lettuces as well as arugula, chicory and cress.

Tomato Truckers Favorite is an heirloom variety grown by marketgardeners for over a century. It sets abundant quantities of 3 attractive and flavorful fruit.

Bitonto may be the ultimate patio tomato, with compact, denseleaved, reliably productive plants that produce delicious, bitesized fruit.

Its tempting to begin seeds too earlyparticularly when you have a whole greenhouse waiting. Just do the math firstmost seed packets will give you the number of days to harvest, so if youre eventually moving plants outdoors, base those calculations upon the last frost date in your area! Fortunately, its never too early to make plans..

Siebel CTI Features In Siebel CRM

Siebel CTI Features In Siebel CRM

Siebel CRM on demand is one of the CRM systems that adopt the cloud computing concept. This concept use the similar ways like client server concept in the 1970 that elaborate the server capability to cover the simple function and ability of the client. So, in cloud computing the server is handling all the task while the client is just passing the input and display the result.

Siebel CRM on demand has many function in their software, one of the popular system is Siebel CTI or Siebel Computer Telephony Integration. This function enables software to integrate the telephony features and computer ability features, for example if customer call and complaint, call center agent desktop will automatically display the customer information and suggest the customer complaint history.

Siebel CTI provides integrated inbound, outbound, and transfer call routing based on comprehensive information about the customer, agent, channels, and service level agreements, ensuring optimal productivity for each customer interaction. Siebel CTI also could helps decrease call times and improve customer intimacy. It supports offtheshelf integration with popular CTI middleware providers to provide integrated call handling, call tracking, and automated screen pop capabilities with a broad variety of Automated Call Distributors ACDs.

Siebel CTI function will includes Siebel Adaptive Communications API, a framework that supports the ability for middleware vendors, systems integrators, consultants, and customers to integrate additional thirdparty middleware applications and leverage the features of Siebel CTI.

Siebel CTI in CRM on demand also support connectivity with CTI middleware through Siebel developed Adaptive Communications API drivers or known as Siebel CTI Connect, which includes the Siebel developed, tested, and validated Adaptive Communications API driver and CTI middleware server software.

This Siebel CTI will make this following task possible in Siebel CRM on demand: 1. Send Email outbound email 2. Send Fax outbound fax 3. Send Wireless Message outbound wireless message 4. Siebel eMarketing outbound email, fax 5. Communication requests outbound email, fax, page, wireless message 6. Siebel Workflow outbound email, fax, page, outbound and inbound wireless message 7. Siebel Email Response inbound and outbound email 8. Siebel Wireless Messaging enables SMS and other message formats

How To Make Milk

How To Make Milk

Add about 2 cups of water, depending on how thin you want the milk to be. For macadamia nuts, use about 1 1/2 cups of water to achieve the same consistency as 2 cups of water with other varieties of nuts. Your first few times making nut milk will be trial and error, but soon youll know just how much water you need to add to achieve the desired consistency. Now blend on high for about 3 minutes, checking occasionally to see if the nuts are thoroughly blended.

Store the milk. Pour the milk into a glass container for storing. You can store it in the refrigerator for 35 days, but no longer since the nut milk is raw and has no added preservatives, unlike storebought milk.

Nut milk can be substituted for storebought cows milk in recipes, or used in coffee, cereal, or almost anything you would use cows milk for. Nut milk is a healthy substitute for cows milk, and it has a pleasantly sweet taste that some people prefer over storebought milk. If you are vegan or lactoseintolerant, homemade nut milk can be a delicious replacement for milk in many recipes.

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Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Sales and payments happen faster for many companies who do business on the Internet. The Internet specifically your own company website allows you to give demonstrations and provide fact sheets, brochures and other information on demand and at low relatively low cost. If you accept credit cards online, the Internet can take the lag out of payments, too. Instead of waiting 30, 60 or maybe 90 days to get paid, you will usually see payments from credit card sales rolling into your bank account in one to three days.

You save on the cost of travel, on the cost of your staffs travel time, and the cost of color printing. The only costs are the costs for creating the web site and materials; costs that can be small over the course of a year compared to the traditional ways of accomplishing these goals. An added bonus: with a bit of search engine optimization, your website can help you attract new customers customers your sales staff might never have found..

Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training

For a person who is disabled, a service dog can take on an important role, depending on the persons disability and the type of service dog training involved. A service dog is often the eyes of a blind person, the ears for a deaf person, the means to get around for a disabled person or a calming friend for a person with a psychiatric disorder. An assistance dog is also used by those prone to seizures, because the dog can sense an oncoming attack.

It is sometimes difficult to recognize that an animal has received service dog training, and owners often face challenges trying gain access to places that normally do not allow pets. The Americans With Disabilities Act, and certain State laws allow for people with disabilities to take their dogs everywhere they need to go including places to shop, entertainment events, medical facilities, etc. The training dog is a medical tool to give assistance should it be required by the handler and can be easily identified by the harness or vest it wears. A business owner may ask the owner of a service dog if he or she is disabled.

Service dog training is carried out is several ways. Some dogs are bred by programs to train, while others are trained by breeders and donated to programs. Still other dogs are taken from animal protection agencies and trained as service dogs by owners or professionals. For those people who are disabled and own a dog they wish to train for disability services, there is usually a waiting list and programs require that the owner fill out an application to be placed on the waiting list.

If a disabled dog owner does not want to wait, the animal can be trained by the owner. In order to do this, an owner should seek the help of a professional or enroll in a special program that will help train the dog to meet the owners disability. The most trainable dogs for owner assistance training are puppies.

Because the focus of service dog training is to teach an animal that it must obey its owners commands and be on constant guard against obstacles, there are rules that should be respected regarding how the public should deal with them. For example, a service animal should never be petted without first asking the owner for permission. A service dog should never be offered food or snacks, because they are usually on special diets and have strict feeding schedules. If an owner chooses not to converse about the services the assistance dog is providing, they should not be persuaded to do otherwise.

There are more or less three ways to find service dogs. A person can train their own dog or have someone who is a professional train the dog for them. There are also several programs that can be found by searching the Internet for service dog training. Should a disabled person choose to go with a professional trainer or program, make sure the trainer or program has the record and credentials to properly train dogs in concert with the type of disability it will be servicing.

SEO and Click data

SEO and Click data

A funny thing this.

It has been grumbled about for some time that Google uses click data and bounce rates from SERP results to try and establish what a particular user feels about the results for a given query.

Anyways, I was at another forum and instead of a link drop I simply told some one to do some research into Phrase Based Optimization to learn more about it. I did so knowing that I rank number 1 with one site, 4 with my other. and the remaining top results I was involved in one way or another digg, webmaster world thread, post from Threadwatch.

I was looking at my referrers this morning and sure enough, folks were finding me via searching Google for the term. far more than usual

Now the question . if and I do say IF, Google was actually using such data, would this be a viable technique to employ from time to time.

hmmmmmm . interesting. he sent me that yesterday as that Microsoft Filing is very related to the patent were working on at the moment . strangely that one gets into ranking mechanisms while the one U and I are working on doesnt . something B an Me picked up on .

Anyways, most of it doesnt really get into the click/bounce rate kind of data, that is more about user sessions . SO whatcha think. something? or Nothing??

I got approved to Beta test with MS when they roll out the stats testing program, so I am going to take the similarities into account. Hmm both of us could play with that.

There was a patent that did get into the click/bounce rate kind of data a bit but I cant remember which one. Though the condition is reproducible, I believe it is a temporary type of node thats independent of true ranking factors. My guess is that it is more in line with a temp learning node for the Searches related to: feature in G

Qigong Exercises Qi Gong Meditation

Qigong Exercises Qi Gong Meditation

Qigong ExercisesFor The Body And Mind: The Fastest Way To Become Fit And Healthy

Qigong exercises are becoming more and more popular in western countries as people realise that they cannot rely on the healing methods of prescriptions and drugs and turn towards alternative medicine.

If you just google qi gong you find that there are a lot of websites surrounded by google ads on the topic. Also if you look on Amazon you see that there are a lot of books to choose from.

I would like to introduce you to the kindle ebook called: Qigong Exercises For The Body And Mind

This ebook shares the basic movements and postures you need to regain your health and fitness. It also gives you tips on how to use qigong to create in your life that is to manifest your dreams. The whole book is packed with useful information that you can apply straight away. The qigong movements are shown through a series of photos that you can easily copy and do.

Another advantage of it is that it available on kindle for a great price. you can read it on your kindle or on your computer it really up to you. What more if you follow the qi gong exercises you are promised to see great results within 2 weeks of your practice.

If you are considering buying oneclick on the image on the left and youll be taken toAmazon, where you can get more information andexcellentprice as well.

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Surfboard Lighting Concept

Surfboard Lighting Concept

Recently we have seen WiFi surf boards so you can do your email between sets. This works pretty good and I was jazzed when I first heard of it. Surfing while surfing makes a lot of sense. You say headlight; on a surfboard; come again? Yes, that is what I said; now then I have tried this already via a batteryless flashlight and duct tape.

The waves provide a good amount of movement. Which is need to power up the new electromagnetic induction technology flashlights, which charge a capacitor instead of the working off a battery. Currently there are some nifty microflashlights being used which you can buy which use a similar technique and are available thanks to the Everlite Flashlight technology research lab. These smaller flashlights work by shaking them for about thirty seconds and shine for about 6 minutes and they shine quite bright since they use a very bright LED light. We can test it for them and get some free surfboards. I propose that the front of the surfboard have an automotive style headlight lens with the LED light inside. Think on this now, surf on it later.

Starting your desktop publishing project at the end

Starting your desktop publishing project at the end

These are technical aspects of design for desktop publishing. Let remember and review them:

Step 1 > Gather information from the printer.

This part of the process is even before you start composing your document file. You have to understand and consider how your commercial printer will reproduce your file.

There are different strokes for different folks. Different presses have different production requirements, and each company has its own way of doing things. It doesn matter if your printer is a service bureau or not. The issues that you have to consider are the reproducing color, screen frequency and angle, type of output, and scanning photographs.

It is best to ask your commercial printer on these so that you could already tailor your document file according to the specifications of the printer and avoid costly errors later on.

Step 2 > Get information from your service bureau.

You need to combine the requirements of both your printer and your service bureau. Most often, a service bureau would need it output form and a final, color separated laser printout at 100%. If there would be reduction in your printouts, just make sure to take not of it.

Step 3 > Set up a template.

It now time to set up your template. As a refresher, a template is the document file that has the basic layout, paragraph styles, and as many as the information we have listed above that your program will allow you to include in your file. So that you won have to start from scratch when you come up with a similar document, you can save the document as a template before adding the text and graphics.

To further save time and money, you can ask your service bureau to run a test file by having them develop test pages before you prepare the final document file.

Step 4 > Prepare the document file.

When the template is complete and tested, rename and make a copy to use as the document file.

Step 5 > Check your output.

Finally, before handing over the final output to the printer, review everything to make sure that the document matches your selections. Things to check for are output quality, density, scratches, and the registration of color separations. She has created various web content on a diverse range of topics, which includes digital printing topics, medical news, as well as legal issues. Her articles are composed of reviews, suggestions, tips and more for the printing and designing industry.

Sample Marketing Plan

Sample Marketing Plan

But the marketing class she took during her training was completely inadequate for showing her how to attract patients with whom she can do the work she feels is her calling. They said we can get pens printed up with messages on them and our phone number. Thats about all I remember from that marketing class.

Theres a place for imprinted messages on everyday items. But if you dont have an overall plan based on your niche in your field, a pen with your phone number is not going to fill your office with clients.

Do you need to write or revise your marketing plan? Before the holiday season is an ideal time for most of us to plan for the year to come. One way you can use this sample marketing plan is to write down the following headings and brainstorm how you can adapt these suggestions to your own business.

My focus is to help people who serve a population they care about, and to network and educate colleagues, community members, and others with whom they genuinely enjoy interacting.

Here are the suggestions I made to Dr. Vanessa Passov, Chiropractor in Calabasas, CA. Her specialty area is deep muscle work, and she enjoys working with patients on preventive maintenance.

Goals: Vanessas goals are to:

Increase her professional reputation in the communityCreate networking relationships to develop ongoing referrals

What are your current goals? Specific goals will help you create a plan that writes itself. Broad or dollarbased goals sound good but dont help you spell out how to meet those goals.

Note: You can write it out like this sample plan, or you can chart it like a flowchart. The flowchart might be easier to grasp at a glance and add ideas to later.

1. What is your niche? Previous article on this topic: No Niche, No Scratch available by email You can define this by either a, b, or c below. Who else cares about this niche that could be networking partners or an audience for you?

Parents of 8 to 18 year oldsPediatricians in Calabasas, Agoura and Westlake VillageLittle league coachesPhys. ed. teachersDance, martial arts, and other instructorsMassage therapists

3. How can you share your interest with, and solve a problem for, the people listed in 2?

Parents: Do talks, provide flyers, etc. ed. Find some you think are really good, and meet regularly/swap services if appropriate and help each other grow your businesses.

4. You dont have to meet each of them face to face, although its better to network with fewer people more personally in my opinion. An email newsletter can be a good way to do this. Or just write a tip sheet and pass it around, drop it off, or snail mail it to those that could use it.

Note: If you have one basic specialty area, most of your network will be interested when you write on that topic. You just have to determine if that piece is for the lay public or other professionals.

5. Build relationships, and your practice will follow

Youre educating, not sellingYoure meeting with people you like and with whom you share a common interest.

If youre talking to a group of phys. ed. teachers, talk about how they can better understand the needs of their students. You can use some technical language, and give them some expert information to better plan their classes.

If youre talking to parents, acknowledge their anxiety about their child getting hurt, how they can encourage their child to take better care of their body, and you may even mention something about sportsmanship.

7. Your marketing materials need to be consistent, reflect your personality and professional style, and focus on your niche. A good printer the person, not the machine can be very helpful with this aspect.

8. A written marketing plan can help you coordinate all the elements above, including how to incorporate pens imprinted with your name and phone number. Start with your mission statement email me if you want this worksheet, how you will reach your market, and how often. She publishes a free email newsletter on career and life transition. For information, email

Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Cut the broccoli florets from the thick stalks, leaving an inch or two of stalk attached to the florets, discarding the rest of the stalks. Cut the larger pieces through the base of the head with a small knife, pulling the florets apart. You should have about 8 cups of florets. Place the broccoli florets on a sheet pan large enough to hold them in a single layer. Toss the garlic on the broccoli and drizzle with 5 tablespoons olive oil. Sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes, until crisptender and the tips of some of the florets are browned.

Remove the broccoli from the oven and immediately toss with 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil, the lemon zest, lemon juice, pine nuts, Parmesan, and basil. Serve hot.

This is the best broccoli recipe I have ever made. I only want to roast broccoli from now on. To the reviewer below, notice the amount of broccoli that the recipe calls for. 45 pounds of broccoli is a _ton_ of broccoli. Two heads is about 3 lbs, and that is typically what I use. You probably used much less broccoli and did not adjust the lemon. When I make this recipe I get a hint of lemon with roasted goodness and the nuttiness of the parm. I also skip the pine nuts as they are too expensive without adding much flavor. Yum!

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Some Mental Illness Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Some Mental Illness Symptoms You Should Be Aware Of

Granted, biological and environmental factors could be influential in affecting what sort of person thinks, feels, and even acts. For example, being in constant physical pain could make a person irritable. Having said that, the bottomline cause of both normal and abnormal behavior will be nature of an individuals intentions and choices within the moment.

Choice is the fundamental cause of behaviorall different types of behavior.

Mental illnesses are instead selfinduced states of problems. A mentally disturbed man or woman is selfishly, willfully, irresponsibly, not to mention, often hatefully, reacting to choices of unloving, extremely controlling, abusive usually, at the same time, sexually abusive parents.

Mental illness is known as a selfish reaction. The selfish choices driving an ailment are mainly subconscious.

The two most dependable indicators of the occurrence of selfish choices tend to be displays of anger and / or fear; this is also true with the more subtle expressions about anger and fear just like frustration, irritability, sarcasm and also insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, plus apprehension.

Both excessive passivity and excessive aggressiveness are selfish reactions that result from excessively controlling selfish choices.

When a person constantly displays intense anger and / or fear, those selfish reactions suggest mental and emotional imbalance and also a state of extreme selfishness along with selfish control.

A person enacting angerbased patternideas is more more likely to experience symptoms of sadness, as opposed to a professional enacting fearbased patternideas who will be inclined to have anxiety and panic symptoms.

Predominantly angry as well as predominantly fearful types in general stay consciously distant belonging to the subconscious personal memory storehouse of patternideas how they use to subconsciously create their fearful and upset feelings and reactions.

When individuals chooses to activate in addition to enact selfish patternideas, he or she does so so as to get what is selfishly wanted as well as to avoid what is selfishly not really wanted.

The choice to enact subliminally controlled selfish behavior patterns and patternideas is why the mentally ill consciously feels like they have no regulate over or responsibility for individual destructive choices, thoughts, a feeling, actions, and reactions.

Every mental illness manifestation and aberrant behavior is now being subconsciously initiated and orchestrated through the sufferer.

This is achievable thanks to the vision fond of you by the scientific technique of dream interpretation, since it will show you an internal map of this functionalism of the mental faculties and psyche, explaining you how the human behavior depends on the various characteristics of one s personality.

You actually prevent the craziness contained a priori in your wild side of your own conscience to invade the human side of this conscience.

There is an excessive amount absurdity accumulated in a anticonscience, our primitive mind, and this is why many people are too vulnerable to psychological illnesses.

By learning how to prevent and also cure almost all mental illnesses, you ll have the capacity to analyze everyone s behavior, even if you won t care about learning how to translate your dreams while using scientific method.

Smoothies For Cancer Prevention

Smoothies For Cancer Prevention

Smoothies for Cancer Prevention Benefits provide a quick and easy way to combine nutritious, immuneboosting, cancerpreventing, energizing ingredients together, where the synergy between these foods is even more effective combined than when each one is consumed separately. Different from purchasing readymade smoothies and smoothies at the store, freshly made smoothies provide an optimal way to preserve the abundance of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices without the effects of storage or shelflife limiting their health potential. A cool, milkshakelike smoothie can be a healthy treat at the end of long day, while at the same time refueling your body with energy and vitality. So go ahead, be creative, find the foods you love and build a smoothie that you and your family will enjoy on your road to optimal health and longevity. are few things that you can do in advance to make the smoothiemaking process easier. First, freeze berries while they are in season. It sometimes hard to find juicy berries in the winter that have that rich color on the inside when you cut one in half. Or, if you happen to go berry picking which I would highly advise, you can freeze and save half of what you pick for the winter months. The best way to freeze berries is to place them individually on a large cookie sheet, in a single layer. Place in the freezer for 6 to 12 hours and then in a ziplock baggie. Store in your freezer until needed. good tip is to freeze bananas. When you add frozen bananas to a smoothie, the consistency becomes thick and creamy. Peel the banana first and cut into thirds or quarters. Place on a baking sheet in a single layer and freeze for 6 to 12 hours. Place the frozen pieces of banana in ziplock baggie and keep in freezer until time to use. it comes to either peeling apples or other fruits and vegetables, keep in mind that many of the nutrients are found in the skin. If you able to leave the skin intact, do so. However, make certain to thoroughly clean with a vegetable brush. tip is to make fruit coulis that can be drizzled over smoothies, milkshakes or ice cream. Coulis are simple to makejust blend the fruit in a food processor or blender until it is runny and smooth. it Simple fresh ingredients are my personal favorites. And likewise, simple combinations are often the tastiest and most enjoyable. Here is a recipe for a smoothie that you can try for a quick breakfast or pickmeup during the day: Breakfast Smoothie cup nonfat yogurt cup nonfat milk teaspoon vanilla extract cups ice cubes Pur yogurt, milk, dates, and vanilla in blender until smooth. Add ice cubes and puree until mixture is thick and smooth. Divide between 2 glasses and serve. can substitute ingredients depending on what you like; the base of vanilla and milk you can substitute soy milk will go with just about any fruit that you may add. adding blueberries or raspberries for antiinflammatory benefits and fiber or add frozen banana pieces for energy and potassium or try mango or papaya for a healthy dose of betacarotene. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Moreover, we do not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the web sitemany of the advertisements are served by third party advertising companies.

Religion Spirituality

Religion Spirituality

The world we live in is certainly diverse, and religion and spirituality only contribute to that diversity. Were here to help you explore the great Faiths of the world and discover religions that have received maybe less attention as well.

As Christianity encompasses a major part of the world population, its only proper that it would have its own place here.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Preparing for Executive Interviews

Preparing for Executive Interviews

As an executive, youve probably been on plenty of interviews in your lifetime from that entrylevel position to the management positions youve held. But nothing quite compares to the executivelevel interview; if youve been on even one you know this is a true statement.

So how do you properly prepare for executivelevel interviews? There are a number of steps involved to get you on the right track and keep you there. Lets take a look at what they are

Make Sure Youre Impeccably Organized

If youre applying with more than one company at a time then you want to make sure that you dont mix them up as you keep track of specific details. How embarrassing would it be to recite incorrect statistical data, or reference a conversation from a representative of the wrong company in the interview? But this is not the only reason you need to make sure youre organized.

Additionally, you want to make sure that you have studied the position youre applying for inside and out. This takes a lot of time because you not only want to understand the position in relation to the inner workings of the company, but also in relation to the industry as a whole. As an executive, you will be expected to broaden the scope of the company, so before even going in for the interview, its good to organize ideas on how you intend to do just that if youre accepted for the position.

So youd consider yourself to be pretty organized at this point. Youve determined what the company is looking for, how it relates to industry trends, and how you can make your contributions. But theres even more preparation to consider. First, its good to know who your interviewers is. If you already have a name, you can search for background information on business acquaintances, work experience and more via Google, DogPile, or LinkedIn. Additionally, its good to tailor your references to the interview, especially if you have internal connections. Theres nothing wrong with a little namedropping as long as it fits the context of the conversation.

Something else to keep in mind is what youll wear to your interview. Since much of how youre perceived is based upon how you look, its a good idea to prepare clothes for not just your first interview, but the possible second or third ones as well. You dont want to wear the same suit to more than one interview with the same company.

Also, if you smoke, you dont want the interviewer to know it. So keep this all in mind as you prepare your suits.

Before You Walk Out the Door

Finally, before you walk out the door, dont forget to bring extra resumes, as well as other materials/ideas in an interview folder. Some of those other materials/ideas may include interviewers names, pads of paper, a pen, key points you want to bring up, and your key skills.

The more prepared you are for your executive interview, the better your chances are of securing the position you want. So keep this in mind as you get yourself organized. Read our full Terms of Service.

PMP Certification

PMP Certification

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PMP Certification, offered by the Project Management Institute PMI, is one of the most respected and esteemed credentials in the project management domain. The PMP certification exam addresses the management of communication, integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk, scope and time, as well as social and professional responsibilities of project manager. Earning and maintaining this certification demonstrates a solid base of experience in effectively managing projects. Today, there are a lot of project professionals who want to become project managers. People who share a prestigious certification hold a common respect for one another.

PMP Certification, offered by the Project Management Institute PMI, is one of the most respected and esteemed credentials in the project management domain. The PMP certification exam addresses the management of communication, integration, quality, cost, human resources, risk, scope and time, as well as social and professional responsibilities of project manager.

Earning and maintaining this certification demonstrates a solid base of experience in effectively managing projects. By passing PMP exam certification, individuals can prove that they have the skills necessary to execute projects right on time and within budget. Today, there are a lot of project professionals who want to become project managers. People who share a prestigious certification hold a common respect for one another. Reputation is not built on certification alone; it must be supported with a concrete track evidence of project leadership. However, certification is a great place to start, especially certification that combines experience with testing, such as the PMP.

At present, project management professional cannot deny that PMP certification has become the project management professions most globally recognized and respected credential. Moreover, in last few years the demand for PMP certification has increased and today over 25,000 Project Managers are getting this industry neutral certification annually.

Passing PMP Certification Exam and gaining PMP Certification can offer you the following benefits:

PMP certification demonstrates to employers, clients, peers that you hold firm foundation of skill and education in project management

Companies use PMP certification as a selection tool to fill their project management positions

Many companies across the globe is encouraging employees to hold the certification in order to bid on a project

Nevertheless, to be considered for the PMP Certification Exam, candidates must meet education and experience requirements and PMIs strict code of professional ethics. Apart from this, candidate must pass a multiplechoice examination designed to measure project management knowledge.

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How To Get Phlebotomist Certification

How To Get Phlebotomist Certification

In todays difficult economy, almost any job in the healthcare field is going to help an individual become somewhat recessionproof. By getting a phlebotomist certification, one can open up a number of different environments in which to earn a living. By obtaining a phlebotomist certification, you will learn how to draw blood from an individuals vein in the best, safest, most efficient method and as painlessly as possible.

There are a number of different types of schools or courses where you can learn this skill. Since it is a relatively simple skill, your training may not need to be as extensive or expensive as certain other technical certifications. Check for a school that is local and easy for you to attend daily, that is accredited or that at least has a proven track record of successful placement, and which will offer you plenty of opportunity to practice your skills before you take your qualifying exam. A weekend course may be sufficient for those who have already had some experience drawing blood, but the true novice should opt for a more indepth class.

To obtain a phlebotomist certification, your training will entail you learning how to identify which vein is the most likely for an easy blood draw. Then you will have to make the vein protrude by binding under it, usually with a band of some sort. Often the band is latex; however, many people are on latex precautions, so you will have to become aware of that first. Once the vein is identified and ready, after using sterile precautions, you will place the needle in the vein and let the blood flow into the number of vials you have been instructed for a particular patient.

You cannot get a phlebotomist certification if you are squeamish about blood or have unsteady hands. This certification is important because you will be doing a single job function over and over. The more that you do it, the better you should become at it.

There are many different places where you can work once you have obtained a phlebotomist certification. One of the main places is in a hospital setting. This gives you a choice of day or night hours, as in a hospital, blood often needs to be drawn around the clock. That would mean that you could choose your shift according to what is available when you apply. Phlebotomists are also used in labs located outside of hospitals. These jobs might be in the independent labs that doctors refer patients to, or in a doctors office itself.