Saturday, January 11, 2014

How To Accept Homosexuality

How To Accept Homosexuality

Develop Tolerance For Others

Learning how to accept homosexuality begins with developing tolerance for others. The sexual preferences and lifestyles of some individuals may not fit into a specific pattern the majority of people know, understand or feel comfortable with. Acknowledging the rights of every human being to exist as an individual is the first step in learning how to accept homosexuality. Individualism starts at birth. No two infants are exactly alike. Not even identical twins. At closer examination, one twin may have a birthmark the other doesnt possess.

Whenever anything or anyone leaves comfort zones most people have grown accustomed to, such radical change means new growth emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Every year of life, human beings grow in these three ways, though they arent consciously aware of it. Yet, when it comes to homosexuality, conventional people are not ready to accept individualism. Human sexuality is a subject often regarded as taboo. From this attitude, homosexuality is viewed as an unusual aberration. For some, the pigeon hole is safe, certain and reliable and denial of human sexuality is diminished by simply pretending it away. Nothing in humanity proves with certainty there is a rigid, exacting pattern of living.

Who Loves, Who Is Loved

Homosexuality is defined by who loves and who is loved, rather than by the pure and simpl

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