Saturday, January 11, 2014

How do I recycle sell old copper wire

How do I recycle sell old copper wire

if you take the time to strip the copper wire, so there is nothing but shiny bright copper in the load of wire, the price will be higher than if you just bring in a bundle of wire. the thing to consider is that it takes time to strip the wire out. if you have plenty of free time, it can be profitable, but if not, the time to strip the wire out may not be worth the higher price. I recycle wire when I get a couple hundred pounds of scrap built up, but I dont bother making an extra effort to strip it out. I separate bare wire from insulated wire, in both copper and aluminum. the copper pipe can go right in with the rest of it.

if you choose to strip the wire, the easiest way is to clamp one end in a vise, and cut down the length of it with a sharp razor knife, kind of like peeling a very long carrot. some people will tell you to light a fire, and burn the insulation off, but that practice is most common among wire thieves who steal wire to finance their drug habits.

be sure to bring photo ID with you when you take the wire and pipe in for recycling. most recyclers will need to record your ID number in an attempt to discourage or potentially track metal thieves.

the fact that I take mine in in the company truck, wearing my uniform shirt gives me a little legitimacy, but I still have to jump through the ID hoops.

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