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Self Leadership

Self Leadership

The answer is contained in the most fundamental characteristic of leadership that is Personal Leadership. Personal Leadership can be viewed as the ability to lead yourself and others; it the ability to define what you want from life and how you intend to get it.The Essence of Personal Leadership means;Living each day to the fullestKnowing what success looks like to youKnowing what your goals areAnd most importantly knowing that you going to achieve those goals regardless of what other people say, think, or do.Personal Leadership also means ACCOUNTABILITY, it means that YOUWill use the talents that are unique to youWill develop them to reach your goalsRealize that you have the potential to achieve all that you desireIn addition Personal Leadership means that you have determined the course of your future; that you are the master of your life that you alone define what you want your future to be.My name is Dominick Borzomati. Since 1993 I have empowered and enlightened individuals and organizations to greatly improve their performance, expand their capabilities and enhance their ability to achieve worthwhile purposes. All of my clients achieve the outcomes they have set for themselves. I deliver RESULTS !Todd McDonald has been in the human resource and training industry for over 20 years. He served as Executive Vice President for American Media Inc., where he worked for 10 years. In his tenure with AMI, he worked in multiple capacities including management of the product development, human resource, training, marketing, and sales areas. In 1999, Todd left AMI and founded ATW Training Consulting.

Rackspace to Offer Complete Virtual Hosting Automation

Rackspace to Offer Complete Virtual Hosting Automation

The Texasbased Web hosting firm said the automation suite would leverage its hosting platform and end user support. The system, called Hostware, is an allinclusive control panel, billing system and customer support team for automating daytoday Web hosting tasks. The suite is based on a GUI interface that manages all aspects of a server, including billing processes. Hostware enables customized pricing and email invoicing, billing and recording customer accounts in real time, and includes an option for ticket resolution for all end user support requests. Rackspace said it would also offer support to Hostware users and their customers, as well as customized consulting and training options. is the onestop shop for virtual hosters to get their business up and running quickly, drastically reducing maintenance efforts and customer support costs, said Robert Miggins, Vice President of Sales and Product Management for Rackspace Managed Hosting. also gives the virtual hoster the ability to scale infinitely as they grow. Rackspace said Hostware is Javabased and can integrate with any SQLcompliant database. The system supports domain name registration using OpenSRS registrar service, works with the Miva shopping cart for Unix and creates referral logs for Web site traffic.

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Neelys BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

Neelys BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

Place pork rib slab flat on a clean chopping board. Pull off membrane. Cut off the excess fat and meat. Season both sides of the slab with Neelys BBQ Seasoning. Refrigerate for at least 24 hours.

Preheat your grill at 275 degrees F, using hickory wood and charcoal.

Place the slab on the grill away from the flame, using indirect heat. Cook the slab for approximately 2 1/2 hours with the curl side up. Flip the slab over to finish cooking for approximately 1 hour or until you get full bend in the slab.

For dry ribs: Pull ribs off grill, sprinkle Neelys BBQ Seasoning over entire slab. Cut between the bones and serve.

For wet ribs: Pull ribs off grill, pour Neelys BBQ Sauce over slab. Cut between the bones and serve.

It a 5 for me if you make it wet. I tasted it dry thought it needed salt was too strong on the paprika. It takes a lot, I used up 2 oz of sweet, 1 smoked 1 hot. Hubby said too hot. But I absolutely loved the sauce made with this. I thought it was the best. It changes over time, cooking. Next time I increase recipe simmer in the slow cooker burned bad the first batch then freeze extras. Rub sauce both burn. Be careful watch. Cooked dry ribs in oven. Burned at about 4 min in broiler. Watch, watch, watch! Both sauce and rub can take hot heat!

How To Throw a Great Hawaiian Luau Party

How To Throw a Great Hawaiian Luau Party

Think tropical. For party ideas, pick up some inexpensive tiki torches from the home and garden store, carved candles, green streamers, coconuts and any other decorations that feature related themes like shells, surfing or hula dancing.

Place hula hoops around a fence, securing them with floral wire. Add large silk flowers, attaching them with the wire, and trim with strips of crepe paper streamers. Check out craft stores for these supplies and materials.

Grass skirts can be found at any party supply store, and they make fabulous trims for everything from the buffet table to lawn chairs. Use doublesided tape to secure the grass skirts everywhere that comes to mind.

Make sure you have plastic or silk flower leis for every guest. These party favors are an absolute must, and are readily available at supply shops. Flowers should also be part of your decorations. The more fragrant and colorful they are, the better theyll be as decorations.

Classic tropical cocktails like Mai tais, Daiquiris, and Pina coladas are perfect for your Hawaiian luau. Offer a nonalcoholic version as well. Pitchers of iced tea or punch, presented in a large bowl with fresh fruit, make great beverage choices. Dont forget the cocktail umbrellas! Serving drinks in coconut shells is also a nice touch.

Food should reflect traditional Hawaiian dishes as much as possible. Check out online recipe sites for ideas. Poi, chicken long rice, and Lomi salmon are all excellent choices.

If youve got the space and are feeling brave, you could roast a whole pig this could prove too frightening for very young children, however. Through your butcher, you can get a pig suitable for spitroasting, but call ahead and see how much advance notice they will need to have one in stock for you.

If you cant make authentic dishes, try to make tropical substitutions in traditional recipes, or serve your favorite party fare with tropical accents. Pineapple juice makes a delicious base for a marinade for most types of meat, and chunks of fruit are great garnishes. Pineapple cut into thick slices is really tasty grilled as well.

For kids, you can pick up some inexpensive fake flowers and string or fishing line, and let them string together their own leis. Game ideas can include traditional games with a Hawaiian twist, like substituting a coconut for the potato in Hot Potato, or Pin the Tail on the Pig.

Traditional Hawaiian luau games are really tests of strength and skill. Plan races, obstacle courses, or other kinds of contests, giving out small prizes for the winners. Ground Kona coffee, a staple Hawaiian export, makes a terrific prize. You could also hold a spearthrowing competition using darts, your target being a large watermelon with a target painted on it.

While not traditionally Hawaiian, the limbo is a fun game with tropical roots. The object of the game is to dance under the limbo stick without bending forwards; you have to lean backwards and hold your arms to the sides to limbo under the pole. Move the limbo stick lower and lower each round. The winner is the person who can limbo under the stick at the lowest level.

Dont forget the music! Stock up on Hawaiian and beach tunes so you have a steady stream of appropriate music. If you dont have a large collection yourself, borrow from friends or the library, or purchase individual songs online.

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Nano Ceramic

Nano Ceramic

A lot of people looking for UV window treatment these days are going out of their way to make sure that the window treatment company is using nanoceramics. Those tiny little flecks and cracks in the film only allow a tiny bit of UV light to get through, but theyre more likely to peel over a shorter amount of time. Some people absolutely need window tinting, Arizona, for example, for all its beauty, is kind of like sitting in the middle of a frying pan co me summer, so window tinting is a good way to make sure you never have to ask yourself How did I get a sunburn when I didnt go outside all day?!

So what were getting at here is simply this: Nanotechnology really isnt all that complicated, nor is it all that scary. There arent any mad scientists off in a lab somewhere trying to figure out how to let the government control our minds, and if theres such a thing as space aliens, theyd probably have a hard time trying to figure out how to vaporize the planet with ultra fine ceramic powder. Nanotechnology is simply a way to improve upon existing methods in pretty much every professional field.

Mel Factor Wedge promises to cure the

Mel Factor Wedge promises to cure the

Designed by golf professional and course owner Brian Symonds of Lake Worth, the Mel Factor Wedge has the largest head you have ever seen at the end of a golf shaft. But if you can get beyond the size, the club actually looks very normal at address. The sole has extreme width and bounce.

Symonds says that escaping the sand time after time is as simple as squaring the club at address, picking it straight up, then dropping it into the sand two inches beyond the ball, making your normal body turn all the while.

I can safely say that the appearance and size of the wedge exudes confidence. And this isn a one and done product from Symonds. He has created several models of Brian Symonds Design wedges, most of which have a more traditional size than the Mel Factor.

Does the wedge deliver on Symonds promise? For $99 a cheap price tag for a player with the Sand Bunker Blues you can find out..

How To Look Sexy

How To Look Sexy

Sexing up your style is a great mood booster. If you feel down or depressed and need to spice up your look, consider the sexy route. You can also increase your sex appeal by changing your look for that special party or night out. Follow these steps to look sexy.

Start with a pampering shower. Before you put on your sexy look, you want to get in the mood with a steamy shower. Half of the look is in your attitude. Choose your best smelling, sexiest shower gel then lather up on a soft sponge. Soap your entire body to get clean and get in the mood. Pamper yourself with a refreshing shampoo as well.

Get your mouth in shape. Brush and floss twice a day and before going out. Consider a whitening treatment so that your teeth look your best. A smooth and sultry smile will enhance your sexy image.

Apply lotion. Rub in some body lotion that complements the scent of your shower gel. This softens your skin while creating a scent that will draw guys to snuggle closer.

Get hair under control. This means all your hair. Shave your legs and under arms. Then get your bikini area under control. Follow this grooming with a stylish cut that hangs softly on your neck and shoulders. Remove any facial hairs if you have them.

Dress with subtle hints. Dressing sexy is not about baring everything you have. Instead consider a pencil skirt with a seductive slit or fitted trousers that elongate your legs. Select a blouse that is feminine with a low button style or choose a covered front with low hanging drape in the back. The key to wardrobe is to select items that fit well, flatter your shape and offer subtle hints of skin. This subtlety is more seductive than flashing bare, pushed up cleavage and bare thighs.

Keep makeup subtle yet warm. Makeup can up your sex appeal if it is applied in moderation. Darken your eyes to a smoky hue. Then add a little gloss to your lips for an appealing pout.

Step with confidence. Once you have the look you need to be able to carry it off. Believe in yourself and your appeal. Walk with confidence. Slip your feet into a pair of daring high heels then practice taking slow but determined steps. Turn your walk into slow stroll so that you can draw every eye your way.

Looking sexy takes only a few small steps. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to create a look that entices you and others, you can be successful. Follow these steps and you can look sexy.

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i kno this is stupid but i dont kno if you literally go up and down or if u just push up and down

i kno this is stupid but i dont kno if you literally go up and down or if u just push up and down

I suck on top too man. It like he starts moving up and down and i don know if i should let him do his thing, or because i on top work it too. Then when i decide to grind with him i never have the same beat pattern. I literally had a guy to tell me to go on top, and not even two minutes later tell me to get off. Don feel bad. My advice is toally stay out of the cowgirl on top area. You can be sexy and kinky on bottom too. Try moaning to let him know he doing good. Pull his hair. Claw his back. Bite his lip. Anyone of those would probably feel better than the world best girl on top.

Start small, I find its about being embarressed. Climb on top and let him do his thing, try that a couple times and then later on when that gets boring try sitting up a little you will get the rhythm when it gets intense, once he starts grinding just try to start and remember what hes doing and at one point sit up and continue with what he was doing. I am with the same man for 3 1/2 years and still have trouble getting on top, I could have thrown up the first time. I am very sexually shy too. But once you are on top and you get into it it gets easier.

Hi! First of all, dont feel stupid. Its okey to feel insecure. We feel like we should be experts instantly, and like everything else, it gets better with practice. My first advise would be, that you talk about it with your partner, and you be surprised that perhaps he has also some insecurities. So talk about it, and dont forget to keep the fun. Sex should be a place where you enjoy youeself. Dont feel embarrased, and just explore and play, and have fun! theres no right and wrong. Then, the first time, you can probably feel really awkweard dont know if its written right, english its not my first language, try it out, if you dont feel confortable, just take his penis out, roll him over, and say, now i want you on top. You shouldnt do ANYTHING you dont feel confortable with. Now, being really literal, you just climb on top, try to get loose, insert his penis in your vagina, and then try a couple of moves; go back and forward this is going to feel really good for you, cause your clitoris is being really, REALLY, estimulated, go up and down, move your hip circularly. The thing about being on top is that ist easier for a womn to get an orgasm, cause you are in control of the rythim.

Anyway, the thing is that you have to explore yourself, find what thing you like, what you dont. And I really incorauge you to find someone you feel you can talk to, and just talk about it. When you are sincere sex can get much MUCH better, cause theres no pressure!

You can help each other feel better about it. but i want to make sure she cums when i go down. any tips?

Do i annoy you?????? if u dont kno me, just say whatever. not literally but put whatever you want. grrr. im confusing myself. sigh

One thing I have always enjoyed

One thing I have always enjoyed

That is true even when the navigation system is included, which is a definite plus Sadly the sponsorship was not renewed, but the reasons were strictly commercial Cyprus policy was in line with European Union directives 3 GHz with 4MB of L2 cache, a TDP of 35W and features Turbo Core Technology, capable of bringing the clock speeds up to 3 Beyond that, though, the Altima is a very nice choice They take pride in what they do and their work shows it

We shopped the local dodge dealership and were not impressed, then came across Matt Blatt This system ensures you will be able to see all the players and coaches You can do calculations about how much extra protein you need to eat to add x grams of muscle but its not as simple as that since you can eat that amount of protein but not all of it turn to muscle The need for deep, highquality hymn lyrics is great The release positioned each of the two quartets on a separate channel, Coleman alto sax, Don Cherry pocket trumpet, Scott La Faro bass, and Billy Higgins drums of the left and Eric Dolphy bass clarinet, Freddie Hubbard trumpet, Charlie Haden bass, and Ed Blackwell drums on the right The stunning Bob Mc Lean styling was lifted directly from the 19591960 Stingray racer created by General Motors design chief William L

Well, the woman hes hitting on isnt here to meet anyone This tournament differs in that it does not affect a trainers standing in national tournament rankings and as such is strictly for fun Our average temperature when running the AIDA64 System Stability test was 92 Any time you can give college students an experience they cant get anywhere else, thats a home run Good concept cars never seem to be composed of the right materials to make it to production levels of completion City elections, long held in March, are moving to November

It is a saftey hazard and I cannot imagine what it would be like if we had kids Enter via Mobile Phone: If you have a textmessagingcapable cell phone from a participating carrier, you may enter by sending a text message to the short code 74499 with the correct password for the promotion Should it maintain the integrity of Christs life and reflect the depths of truth found in Scripture miumiu Of these, 1052 cases are yet to be settled as the violators have contested the levy of penalty, he said One of the many things I changed when I moved from my old tea blog to the new blog, Teacology, was my blogging platform A digitized map display could be programmed to show the cars current position, as well its destination

Since the first of the year, Chevrolet has been selling a smallish CUV loosely based on the discontinued Saturn VUE Its saying that you need to eat at least that much excess for that to happen In most cases it turns into an intense struggle with threshold temperatures and an exhausting search for the optimal frequency and Vcore combinations, which won push the CPU into throttling and interfere with system stability After a week of nobody coming over, I had left a message that we have not heard anything One way to accomplish this is to write fresh and relevant music for deep, quality hymn lyrics or Psalms While the maximum temperature has been increased to 105 degrees Celsius, it is still to hot for my taste

NetSuite Launches Green Discount Program

NetSuite Launches Green Discount Program

Customers who buy NetSuite subscriptions through the offer, which is valid through December 31, would also see no greater than a 10 percent price increase for renewals after the first year.The company decided to launch the campaign based on feedback from customers and the overall focus on green technology at both the state and federal government level, says Dave Lipscomb, NetSuite founder and senior vice president of verticals.The company Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Ecommerce software helps streamline key business processes.A recent independent sustainability impact study of the company software as a service platform showed that NetSuite customers experienced significant cost savings, improved efficiency and environmental benefits, with some customers saving as much as $61 million in electricity savings per year.The company says it also practices many green initiatives in its own operations, using between 1,000 and 1,500 energyefficient HewlettPackard servers.

Hyperhidrosis and Raynauds Syndrome

Hyperhidrosis and Raynauds Syndrome

For at least ten years I have had bouts of facial, and total body hyperhidrosis brought on by lying down, turning over in bed, raising my arms over my head when reclining, using a hair dryer, drinking hot drinks, heat of any kind, or for no reason at all. It wakes me up all night long. Minutes before I experience the sweating, I feel a rush like an elevator in my abdomen, then start sweating profusely on my face, scalp, under my arms, breasts and behind my legs. I need water right away when this happens. I also have bouts of freezing for no apparent reason, even in summer, but the sweating is keeping me from sleeping.

No one seems to have any idea what causes this, and I have a lot of doctors. I have diffuse Scleroderma, and Raynauds. Is there some relation, to these two diseases and any treatment? I never sleep more than two or three hours because of this, its debilitating to the point I have to carry a small portable fan to get me through the worst bouts, even in public. My hair becomes soaked and sometimes I become really cold afterwards. There are different degrees of the episodes, and sometimes if feels as if it is fading in and out.

For years doctors blamed menopause, but no hormones ever helped this, and now I am passed the age, so though doctors are listening they dont seem to know what the cause is or how to help me. I havent slept through a night in over ten years.

elevated blood sugarsAffirmative answers to some or all of these question leads one to suspect a metabolic problem as the cause of excessive sweatiness. Examples of conditions leading to increased metabolism include:adrenal gland located on top off the kidneys tumor

The general physiology of sweating involves catecholamines and receptors near the sweat glands. Stimulation of the alpha receptors Rhaynauds may have overstimulatory effect on the alpha receptors and/or rise in catecholamines seen in pheochromocytoma increases sweatiness.

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Malaysia Palm Oil Industry

Malaysia Palm Oil Industry

Malaysia: Palm Oil covers the growth of Malaysia palm oil, world largest palm oil producer, and development and biodiversity of Malaysia palm oil. It also covers the status of Malaysia as the world largest palm oil producer, market trends and outlook in terms of threats from the development of Indonesia palm oil, palm biodiesel, crude palm oil prices and windfall tax plus the profile, comparative matrix and SWOT analysis of the industry leading players: Sime Darby, IOI Corporation Berhad and Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad

The expansion of oil palm plantings in Malaysia has been phenomenal. Palm oil production increased from 1.26 million tonnes in 1975 to 17.73 million tonnes in 2008. The average CPO price rose by 9.8% yoy to RM2,777.50 in 2008. According to Malaysia Palm Oil Board, the average price of CPO is expected to soften in 2009. Indonesia overtook Malaysia to become the world largest producer of palm oil in 2006 and maintained its postion in 2008. Nevertheless, Malaysia is still the largest exporter of quality palm oil in the world.

Incentive Marketing

Incentive Marketing

Incentive marketing involves using perks to drive sales, motivate behavior, or recognize employees. What works for one person may not work for another, so often, companies combine benefits. Keep in mind that people will judge incentive programs on how hard the incentive is to get, what the reward is, and whether or not the value the rewards.

Travel rewards and merchandise are two of the most popular incentive marketing programs used today. While cash motivates many people, others stick it in their bank account and use to pay billsunless youre in a difficult financial situation, its not going to be seen as something special or extraordinary.

Incentives must be perceived by the public or employee as having a high value. This will ensure that the participants become emotionally involved; it ensures participation by the majority of your audience. The same is true if the reward is not accessible to the majority of participantsif they think it is too hard to win, they will not try for the prize.

For employee incentive marketing programs, it is important to take into consideration the needs of individuals as well. For example, a gift certificate or online cash that is good at many different stores is more flexible than one thats good for only one store. It is more likely to suit whoever wins it because of its flexibility. It will appeal to more people, unlike a prize that is more specific and less dynamic.

IMEYE Review

IMEYE Review

With all the keyword research tools available on the market today, you might ask the big deal about another one? Well let me tell you why it so different does it own intelligent keyword research. Unlike some other basic ones like Keyword Elite and Market Samurai, this actually works reverse. In your basic keyword searches you would pick a keyword, pick and choose some of the resulting related keywords, then bury yourself into a ton of competition analysis just to find a few good keywords to use for seo or ppc.

IMeye works exactly the opposite. IMeye is intelligent in that it uses its own proprietary methods to locate the absolute best keywords available before you even start your search. All the research and analysis is performed beforehand for each keyword, and stored in a database ready for you to use. With IMeye, it is totally unnecessary to give it any keywords to start with, it just automatically gives you the best niche to start with. There will no longer be a need to out which keywords have too much competition, or wasting money on ppc trying to figure outthose couple of profitable keywords for your campaign. No more WASTED TIME, MONEY, OR ENERGY! No other Keyword tool has these capabilities, and that what sets IMEye apart from the competition an unfair advantage! I strongly urge you to take a look at what all this mass hysteria is about here IMEye Keyword Software

Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, the creators of IMEye, are the same creators of some of the best IM tools out there today. These include Keyword Blueprint, Link Blueprint, Blog Blueprint, Commission Blueprint 2.0 and IM Advantage.

Jump on this amazing opportunity today and grab your very own IMEye Keyword Software!

Along with features that allow gamers to enhance their own characters levelNike and jordan retro shoes possess been releasedthe Nike jordan 2011 and takes entirely on another Technique Jordan shoe is strategy to sort ofwhen Nike Service company has introduced a boatload the Air Jordan overshoes in his most Favorite songs VideosA long time after Michael Jordan retiredthe Air Jordan next year in their schools color waysFind out if cloud desktop solutions will work for your businessTypes of flora series Nutrients and plant growth lights

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Listening Devices Not Just for Covert Ops

Listening Devices Not Just for Covert Ops

Listening devices have many applications for which they can be used. Just about everyone is familiar with the typical reasons that people use listening devices, police work, spying, military, keeping track of personal phone calls made at work, but were you aware that listening devices also have lots of other practical purposes they can put to use for? Purposes that ordinary people use them for in their daytoday life?

Plumbers could probably tell you in a heartfelt minute what they use them for. What better way can you thing of to find the location of a leaky pipe that is hidden with a wall or buried inside of concrete? Sure makes finding that leak a lot easier. And they are not the only ones. Pest exterminators have used listening devices to locate rodent nests that may be hidden within walls, insect infestations and termite colonies that are located in ceilings, walls and floors.

Automobile repairmen have used listening devices for finding problems in transmissions, engines and other types of mechanical apparatus. It makes diagnosing these types of situations much easier and faster for the lay person.

Of course, we know that listening devices are often used in bomb detection to pick up sounds such as a ticking clock and timer operation. And last but not least, listening devices can help to determine the amount of acoustic leakage, whether it is from room to room, or inside of a building to the outside. The existing risk level can easily be determined in order to help foil eavesdropping attempts..

Leukemia Symptoms

Leukemia Symptoms

Leukemia is not a very common disease and unfortunately the exact cause of leukemia is not yet known. People that suffer from this disease can get infections very easily.

Leukemia patients, besides having a large number of leukemia cells also have a reduced number of red and white blood cells. They also have a lack of platelets, which help your blood to coagulate. The red cells carry oxygen and the white ones fight off infection. When their number is lower than normal and their place is taken by leukemia cells, people start to suffer from many conditions, also known as leukemia symptoms. Some common signs of leukemia are:

If you are suffering from the acute form of leukemia, then symptoms will appear very quickly and get worse in a very short period of time. On the other hand, if having chronic leukemia, you might not have any symptoms for a very long period of time. When they do appear, leukemia signs are mild in the beginning and then start to get worse, but gradually.

Moreover, if suffering from acute leukemia you will also have other symptoms as well. Because the leukemia cells gather up in your spinal cord or brain, vomiting, frequent headaches, seizures, confusion and loss of control over your muscles can also appear. These cells also gather in the testicles, causing swelling, which indicates leukemia. Besides your central nervous system, other organs or parts of your body can be affected by leukemia. The lungs, kidneys and your digestive tract are only some of the parts affected by leukemia.

When suffering from the chronic type of leukemia, these abnormal cells also collect in some parts of your body, some different from those affected by acute leukemia. The skin, testicles, nervous system and even your eyes will eventually be affected by leukemia.

Learn About Singapore Massage

Learn About Singapore Massage

Glass Display Cases: Which One is Right for Your Collection?Tips from The ToolPost on Choosing a Woodturning LatheContainer Gardening A Better Way To Start A Productive HobbyUseful Tips on Stuffed Toys CleaningPools Can Add That Extra Charm to Your Outdoor LivingBathroom Cleaning Tips for Cleaning ManiacsPara Motor Training And Safety Features Which Are ShownAre Your Houses Electrical Components Up To Quality Standards?Discuss Common Cons of Panasonic 310 and 210Buy RC Model Car, Buy Nitro Car RTR

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My Fair Wedding SeasonEpisodeSwamp Bride

My Fair Wedding Season 3 Episode 6 Swamp Bride

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Mastering Fundamental ReportsGetting Your Australian Visa with the Help of an Immigration LawyerReverse Osmosis Systems offer purified water that is good to taste and safe to drinkMaking your Accident Compensation claims and Illness Insurance Claims with Legal HelpObtaining Visa to Live in Australia with the Help of an Immigration LawyerChoose online method for instant and comfortable rechargeSeeking Accident Compensation and Illness Insurance ClaimsDivorce Cases and Retaining the Best Lawyers For DivorceFacing Your Divorce Case with the Best Divorce LawyersFinding a Migration Agent and Getting His Help to Obtain Visa to Work and Live in Australia

Microsoft CRM Data Import FAQ

Microsoft CRM Data Import FAQ

Master records import you can import via MS CRM integration tool. Tools>Import and select contacts or leads

Duplication dilemma. In version 1.2 as well as in 3.0 as far as we know you do not have duplication check and you can import duplicate leads or contacts.

MS CRM SDK custom data migration. If data import is critical and you have reasonable budget for the migration you can appeal to MS CRM customization partner who specializes in the complex data import. In MS CRM SDK you can program duplication check, special rules for security settings. We have to stress here, that this is not one thousand dollars project and if you are small company, you should stick to Scribe or native MS CRM import tool

Large Scale MS CRM implementation. For corporate business security might have top priority and migration should be programmed in MS CRM SDK.

Some technical tips. Postcallouts. In MS CRM 3.0 which should be released in earlier 2006 there are socalled precall outs in version 1.2 we have only postcallouts. Precallout should allow to check for duplication, based on your duplication recognition criteria and cancel record if it is duplicate contact, account or lead

If you have a need in large scale data import, you can always have us help you with MS CRM SDK data conversion.

LaTeX command protect

LaTeX command protect

News: POSTING RULES FOR MAIN CZ BOARDS: 1 The CZ Forums are Citizensonly a Citizen is a Citizendium member. NonCitizens may use only the NonCitizen comments board, but still must register before posting its easy!. NonCitizen posts elsewhere will be summarily deleted. 2 All must use their own real names. To edit your displayed name, click on Profile > Account Related Settings. 3 Citizens must link to their CZ user pages. To edit your signature, click on Profile > Forum Profile Information. The first link refers to some discussion about WikiTeX, but fragile commands are not mentioned. The second link refers to an empty sandbox.

If you try something out, you must use the whole article so that a table of contents is generated, for my problem is in the automatic preparation of the table of contents. As you know, the section and subsection headers are automatically collected in the TOC, but math symbols do not show up in the TOC, although they are correctly shown in the headers.

Matt, I followed the two links that you gave, but saw nothing that helped me. The first link refers to some discussion about WikiTeX, but fragile commands are not mentioned. The second link refers to an empty sandbox.

If you try something out, you must use the whole article so that a table of contents is generated, for my problem is in the automatic preparation of the table of contents. As you know, the section and subsection headers are automatically collected in the TOC, but math symbols do not show up in the TOC, although they are correctly shown in the headers.

Key Lime Pie Recipe

Key Lime Pie Recipe

In a bowl, mix the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and butter with your hands. Press the mixture firmly into a 9inch pie pan, and bake until brown, about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to cool to room temperature before filling.

Lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees F.

In a separate bowl, combine the condensed milk, lime juice, and eggs. Whisk until well blended and place the filling in the cooled pie shell. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes and allow to chill in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Once chilled, combine the sour cream and powdered sugar and spread over the top of the pie using a spatula. Sprinkle the lime zest as a garnish on top of the sour cream and serve chilled.

I made this Key Lime pie for a graduation party and everybody raved about it. I did make some changes, the first round of pie crust did not workout for me it was to dry and crumbly, so I added more butter and it came out perfect. I also added one extra egg, as other recipes I saw called for more eggs than this recipe. I used whipped cream on top instead of the sour cream. As I said people loved it and have asked me to make it for them again. I think I might try adding walnuts to the crust for something different next time.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Overcome Big Financial Expenses

Overcome Big Financial Expenses

Every individual either employed or unemployed need cash for financial backup. Nurses are paid, but their salary is not enough to meet big expenses. To overcome the financial burden in life for nurses there are personal loans for nurses specially planned cash help. These plans are useful in every manner if you have situations like paying for old debts, house modification, wedding expenses and lot more. This option is not for everyone. Lenders offer the cash only after taking the collateral. Lenders offer the cash without any collateral condition. With the high interest rate, you can avail the cash up to 25000 for the time period of 1 to 10 years.

Personal loans for nurses are also for bad credit holders. So if you have adverse credit record due to some past mistake, then no need to worry. You still can apply for these plans. There are some guidelines that you need to meet for getting the approval.

Nursing Education History

Nursing Education History

Nursing education history was initiated in the late 1800s when the American Society of Superintendents of Training Schools for Nurses began. It was organized for the purpose of providing and maintaining a universal standard for nursing. The National League for Nursing Education took over the responsibility more than 100 years ago to make certain education for nurses was standard by introducing curriculum for all schools of nursing.

In 1952, the NLNE joined the ACSN Association for Collegiate Schools of Nursing to form the NLN National League for Nursing. Since that time, it has been responsible for the accreditation of nursing programs. In the late 1990s, the NLNAC National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission was established to take the full responsibility for accreditation. It remains accountable to the NLN.

The onset of the Internet offers options for distance education via video conferences and interactive seminars. This has opened the door of opportunity for nursing education to continue past the college years. Many nurses are advancing to a higher degree while maintaining a fulltime job and raising a family. Nursing education is available from accredited schools of nursing from around the world.

The trend in nursing education indicates a change in teaching methodology and clinical experiences. More flexibility in clinical and laboratory scheduling is making the study more accessible to busy students. The nursing shortage has forced more learning options to be presented including the use of preceptors and distance education. Nursing education is taking great strides to stay on board with the latest technology to provide relative learning opportunities.

Niche Marketing Simplified

Niche Marketing Simplified

By now you have probably heard all about niche marketing and how niches are the next big thing but in fact, niches are nothing new. Take a look around you at the bricks and mortar world of business. You see niches everywhere. From highend, boutique style grocery stories that carry only organic products, to vegetarian restaurants that cater specific food taste such as Japanese, South Asian or African. You even see businesses that cater specifically to individuals with altenative lifestyles.

So how can all this diversification help you?More and more, individuals are using the internet to find local businesses to meet their needs. At one time, consumers relied on newspaper advertisements, flyers from local businesses, and directories to find the product or service they needed. But today, they are computer savvy and are using the internet in increasing numbers to find what they need. It exploded onto the internet marketing scene about one year ago with dozens of unique products like ebooks, specialized product websites, mini ecourses and even web based audio and video products. These individuals saturated the market, soon everyone was trying to get in on the action but what was missed was how the average joe could make money with niche marketing. Think about the example I gave earlier, highend boutique style grocery stores providing only organically grown products. That is a niche, and it is one that is growing every day. Now how do you fit into this picture? What you would do is provide visitors to your website with the facts about organic products. Assume nothing, and start from the basics. Make a list of question you would want answered if you decided to start purchasing organic products. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:What are organic products? What is considered an organic product? Who determines what is considered organic or not? Are there any organizations which certify whether a product is organic? Is there an association of organic farmers? What are the best places to shop for organic products in your area or in major cities in the United States or Canada?Now that you developed a list of question, start to answer them. You can do this by visiting forums that deal specifically with organic farming and products, and search the article repositories for expert content written by individuals on the topic. As you learn more and more about your niche, consider developing your own content and selling it. You could write an ebook about organic farming techniques, or how you could be an organic farmer right in your own back yard.

Its sickening! Most of them have never earned a dime online! Theyre trying to sell you some gimmick, or Internet Mall that wont bring you 2 red cents.

Inspirational Poem

Inspirational Poem

The passage has such inspirational power that it is now a standalone mantra for a generation of exceptional individuals who wish to motivate themselves and others to live up to their fullest potential.

The words deepest is often replaced with greatest in reprints of the passage, although the original uses deepest, as seen below.

In the movie Coach Carter 2005, the story of of Richmond High School Richmond, California basketball coach Kenneth Carter who made local headlines for benching his undefeated team due for poor academic performance, Rick Gonzalez who plays student athlete Timo Cruz quotes Our Greatest Fear. Cruz quotes the passage in response to a question by Coach Carter he asks the team what their greatest fear is.

This recitation of Our Greatest Fear was very powerful, and brought widespread attention to and interest in Marianne Williamson and her work.

How To Study the Holy Bible Effectively and With Confidence

Many people do not know how to study the Bible effectively, so they end up not studying much at all. The Bible is so big, and its hard to know where to start many who wish to seek God on a deeper level are simply intimidated by the daunting task of independent study. There is also the problem of.

The Secret to Becoming a StayAtHome Mom Without Going Broke

Yes, working moms can make the transition to becoming empowered to work from home, and eventually retire altogether. However, it doesnt happen overnight, and it doesnt happen because you got in on the ground floor of the latest fad business opportunity. For most working women, it takes a strategic.

Psalm 100: Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving, and His Courts With Praise

The entire Book of Psalms is beautiful, and it is arguably the most popular book of The Holy Bible; the 100th division of Psalms is one of the most well known and loved psalms in the entire collection. Most likely penned by King David, the song is short, but it reveals much about the character and.

The Gospel Of John The Movie

The Gospel of John 2003 is a Biblically accurate and emotionally gripping depiction of the life of Jesus Christ based on The Gospel According to John. Directed by Philip Saville and narrated by Christopher Plummer, this cinematic blessing speaks to the soul of audiences who wish to gain a deeper.

The HTC G1 Hotspot Google Android Platform Info PLUS GPhone Accessories, Applications, News, and Reviews

Industrial Fastener Distributors

Industrial Fastener Distributors

This Report covers companies active as industrial fastener distributors. The report analyses accounts filed in the three years up to 7 April 2007. Accounts with year ends falling in the 12 months up to 7 April 2007 are assigned to the third analysis period, with earlier accounts assigned to previous periods.

Our team of inhouse analysts research the company sample thoroughly to ensure that theReport covers the top companies in the industry. However, it is by virtue of its size, significant within the industry.

The following companies have been added to the current edition: Amfast Ltd, Avery Dennison UK Ltd, DB Industrial Fasteners Ltd, The Fastener Warehouse Ltd, Forward Industrial Products Group Ltd, IFI Ltd, Lytane Ltd, Prosper Distribution Ltd and PSM International Ltd.

Treatment of Holding Companies and Subsidiaries

Where a subsidiary company accounts for the majority of a group turnover in the relevant area, the analyst will decide which one is most relevant to the Report. In some cases both a holding company and its subsidiary may be included where both can be considered to be of significant importance in the sector. Where this could lead to double counting in the totals and averages for the sector one of the companies will be excluded from the calculations.

Some companies report very large variances in their figures from one year to the next, due to acquisitions, large exceptional items, etc. These companies are excluded from the Report totals and average calculations to prevent distortion. In this Report these companies are: Anixter Ltd and JoEl Electric Ltd. Key Note Ltd 2008 Company Selection 1. Company Selection

To know more and to buy a copy of your report feel free to visit

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Kale Recipes

Jetiquette cell phone offenders

Jetiquette cell phone offenders

Im trying to accept the fact that I will not receive my upgrade for tonight redeye flight from Los Angeles to New York and I not very happy about it. Maybe I should think about how much my character will benefit from working my way through this very acute disappointment. What will I do without all the extra space, comfort, and inflight entertainment? Luckily my American Airlines flight has wireless internet to use if I unable to sleep so maybe I be ok. When I not in business or first class, I can get a little grouchy; especially if there are people on my flight with poor Jetiquette.

Since this is a flight from LAX to JFK, I am almost guaranteed to have more than one phone offender on my flight. Have you had any of these people on your flight before? Here are a couple of the wanted cell phone offenders on the Wanted List of Jetiquette offenders:

Figures Guy in seat 11A: You seen him and you definitely heard him as he shouts out big numbers like 48 million and about all the wheeling and dealing he got going. We even get to hear about the employee he wants fired by the time he lands at JFK and all the details about his wife redecoration of the Sag Harbour home soon to be exwife it turns out. Glad to see she wised up.

iPhone in 25A: She was a Solid Gold dancer, but now she arrived and looking hot in her Juicy Couture sweat suit. Lot happening with a new reality show coming up and her life is the subject. Only now, she is acting it all out for everyone as she speaks into her iPhone. She got places to go and people to see when the plane lands in JFK and she wants everyone to know about it. Justin is picking her up at the airport and she getting together with girls a little later before she does Regis and Kelly later in the morning.

Its Better to Ask than Assume

Its Better to Ask than Assume

I had a boss once whose favorite saying was Dont assume. It makes an ass out of you and me. Drove me nuts, but you know what? It stuck. It was meaningful, memorable although corny, and it was repeated. A meaningful and memorable message is more likely to stick with the audience. Repetition imbeds a message in the brain.

The communications lesson inherent in this saying is know your audience.

If you want your promise message to be meaningful, you need to understand whats important to prospective buyers of your product or service.

If youve been working in a particular industry or market segment for a while, you may think you know whats important. And you may be right.

But why not ask and confirm your thinking? Youll get your information straight from the horses mouth, and youll avoid relying on potentially dangerous assumptions.

Ive snuck the term market research into my subtitle. Some of you may gasp and yell, Too expensive! I say, Not necessarily. and Guesswork can lead to expensive mistakes.

If youre marketing computers or fast food, your potential target audience may be huge. Youll need Research with a capital R. Find a good research company preferably one with experience in your industry. Tell them your needs and budget and let them put together a plan for you.

Those of us who work in small niches can do small r research. Heres what I mean. Think of 35 questions that will help pinpoint prospective buyers hot buttons. Call your top customers and prospects and ask away.

Youll have great conversations, and youll learn something each time you talk to someone. Develop a matrix of everyones answers, and Ill bet you learn even more.

If you get bogged down on deciding what questions to ask or making the phone calls, call in a consultant. Whatever it takes to get information.

Interview with Marc McDonald FreebieDirectoy

Interview with Marc McDonald FreebieDirectoy

Marc has over 15 years experience as a newspaper editor and reporter, and in recent years, has moved to the online world running some very successful Websites. What things were you trying to achieve when designing and implementing this layout?

The main things I try to achieve in the layout are: easeofuse and fastloading pages. It is my aim that people can click into my site and, within a few seconds, discern what the sites purpose is. And, hopefully, they find it useful and compelling enough to warrant a bookmark. Its a goal I think all Webmasters should aim for.

There are many things that turn me off about sites when Im surfing the Web. Stuff like popup ads, unnecessary multimedia eye candy such as Flash animations and slowloading banners. I have a general rule: if theres something that I dont like myself, then I never implement it on one of my pages.

Most web surfers will be able to tell you that there are hundreds, if not thousands of Free Stuff sites on the Internet, all of varying quality. How have you attempted to set yourself apart from the rest and gain trust amongst your visitors?

The main thing I shoot for is credibility. Surfers on the Web these days are understandably jaded. When they hear the word free theyre skeptical. Therefore, I work hard to make sure that the free items I list are really free, with no catches.

The vast majority of freebie listings I see out there either have catches such as bogus postage charges or theyre not really worthwhile. Sites with affiliate programs typically fall into this category. I mean, if you offer a freebie thats really worthwhile, then, in most cases, you arent going to have to pay for traffic. Wordofmouth alone will ensure that you get loads of visitors.

I think one thing that sets me apart from the pack of other freebie sites out there is that I can write. To be sure, Im no Hemingway. But I did pay my dues and spend 15 years in the newspaper business as a reporter and editor.

Good writing is something that you cant fake. Im often appalled at the poor writing that I see on many siteseven large, corporate sites. And Ive long been disappointed to find that many freebies sites out there, rather than doing their own work, research and writing, simply copy my listings, often word for word. Needless to say, my attorney is a busy man these days. How successful has this program been in bringing extra traffic to your site?

Its hard to tell, because the stats package that I use doesnt break down traffic by number of people using the search engine on their own sites. I think its been a plus, though. How effective are these main page link swaps? What advice would you give other Webmasters looking to start partnerships like this?

Ive always been a big believer in link swaps. Theres no better way to build traffic. As far as advice, Id suggest that Webmasters set up a page on their sites that offers suggestions for linkbacks, and includes various images to select from, ranging in size from 88X31 buttons to fullsized 468X60 banners. In fact, if you do so, and people like your site, youll find that some folks will link you, simply because they like your site and theyll not even ask for anything in return.

If you do work out a series of linkbacks with other Webmasters, of course, youll need a stats program that shows you how many hits youre getting from your link partners. Its important that the number of hits you send your partners and the number of visitors they send you is approximately equal.

A lot of the freebies which can be found on the Internet, require you you to give out personal information such as name, email and address. Do you hear of many problems regarding large amounts of junk email or other abuses of this information after signing up for free products and services?

Once in a while, Ill get a complaint about a given freebie. This used to be more common for me years ago, when I first got involved in the freebies field. However, five years of experience has shown me what types of freebies to avoid. If I get complaints these days, its because a given freebie has changed its terms since I first began listing it. For example, some freeware programs eventually change to a shareware model.

As far as junk mail, I always point out to my visitors that any time you enter your Email address in ANY form on the Web not just for freebies, you run the risk of getting spammed. I always encourage people to not use their primary Email addressbut, rather, to open an account with a free Webbased Email service and use that address instead. In any case, if one of the people I list sends spam or doesnt deliver on what they promise, I hear about it quickly from my visitorsand I remove their listing immediately.

Your other website The Free Site is possibly the biggest Free Stuff site on the Internet. What do you think made it so successful?

I got an early start in the field, for one thing. And when I owned it, it was clearly the best freebies site around. It was no fluke that I was routinely getting national and international media exposure. I worked hard on the site.70 to 80 hours a week for five years. But I was consistently disappointed over the years by the utter lack of work and research that most other freebies site owners did. Most sites were just basically copying my ideas, and few people ever seemed to have an original idea of their own to add to the genre.

Having recently sold The Free Site to iBoost, a large Internet company based in LA, what advice would you give other Webmasters faced with the prospect of selling their website to another company? Would you recommend they go ahead with it?

I would not recommend selling ones site in this Dot Com recession. Indeed, I wouldnt recommend selling, period. If youve worked hard on your site for years, youre really better off keeping it. Theres no better feeling than controlling your own destiny.

I want it to be the Webs definitive site of record for freebies. If you offer the best content of any site in a given Web genre, you will eventually find the biggest audience. Thats a simple fact of life on the Net.

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Wordpress DoFollow For Single Posts Plugin

Wordpress DoFollow For Single Posts Plugin

Many doFollow plugins are out there. None of them satisfied what we were after to enable or disable doFollow links inside a specific post. Yet, the solution is a 4liner of PHP code, and pretty simple to use. So we released this new doFollow plugin, which is absolutely easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

Copy the plugin folder to your wp/wpcontent/plugins folder, enter your

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Windstream Hosted Solutions to Build Massive Data Center in Durham

Windstream Hosted Solutions to Build Massive Data Center in Durham

Related Topics: cloud computing, data centers, windstream hosted solutions

Web hosting provider Windstream Hosted Solutions announced on Tuesday it plans to construct a new enterpriseclass data center in Durham, North Carolina.

This will mark the third data center Windstream Hosted Solutions operates in the RaleighDurham area as Windstream continues to accommodate the rapidly growing customer demand for cloud services, managed services and storage in the Triangle market.

Windstream Hosted Solutions has announced several data centers this year alone, following the opening of new Windstream Hosted Solutions data centers in McLean, Virginia and Little Rock, Arkansas.

The new Tier III 22,000squarefoot data center is further expandable to 88,000 square feet.

Scheduled to open in 2013, the data center is being built to withstand the increased demand for data center services from Windstream customers.

The data center will initially include 10,000 square feet of raised floor data center space, with the ability to expand up to 40,000 square feet over time.

The new Windstream Durham data center will be equipped with a Tier III modular design for easy capacity expansion, 2500kVa of utility capacity that is expandable to five times that amount, 360 tons of cooling capacity to maintain inside temperatures of 74 degrees Fahrenheit, and redundant OC192 10Gbps circuits that connect each center to multiplecore POP sites with fully redundant peering.

In addition, the data center is support by Windstream onsite network operations center with a 24hour staff that provides facilities and network monitoring, security, technical and remotehands support.

is committed to providing the personalized service businesses demand, ranging from point managed solutions such as managed security or storage to the complete delivery of Infrastructure as a Service, said Kip Turco, Windstream senior vice president of data center operations. RaleighDurham market is a critical area of growth for Windstream, and our new Durham data center will provide customers with the highest level of services and reliability. provides a range of managed and dedicated hosting oservices, including colocation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery.

Talk Back: Are you currently offering data center space in NOrth Carolina? Have you seen a demand for data center services in this region? Do you think this new data center will advance Windstream Hosted Solutions growth strategy? Let us know in the comments.

Why Would I Want to Contest a Will

Why Would I Want to Contest a Will

The death of a family member or loved one often causes emotions of grief, pain and shock, but sometimes, when the Will is read, these feelings can get worse, especially if you werent expecting the outcome.

If you suspect the Will is not right, you might want to challenge it. This is called contesting a Will. Good lawyers, specialised in this area, know how to deal with these cases and can act with discretion and tact. Your first aim should be to reach a quick result that doesnt cause arguments or ruin family relationships. And, if possible, you want to do this avoiding Court. Although your lawyer is going to deal with the facts, not your emotions, they can also advise and guide you through the process.

English Law sets what is called testamentary freedom the ability to write a Will benefiting any person you wish. However, sometimes injustices are carried out and they can only be righted by contesting the Will. Most cases are resolved without the need to go to Court. However, if someone is omitted altogether, and the Will might have a large impact on their life for example, if they are a dependent or an underage child, then it is advisable to speak to a lawyer.

Am I eligible to contest the Will?

A solicitor can help you determine if you have grounds for contesting a Will. Roughly speaking, the Inheritance Provision for Family De pendants Act 1975 allows for a wide variety of people to contest a Will. These could be spouses, children including adult children, former spouses and dependents of the person who died.

There are occasions when the stress of making an inheritance claim just isnt worth it. If the process becomes too lengthy due to the case not being very strong, you could end up paying more than the outcome was worth.

Many solicitors offer a free initial consultation after which they will give you a fee quote based on the work required. But dont just shop around on price. Contesting a will is an area of law that is very specialist, so you should always consult a solicitor who is also specialist in the area or you might come to regret it later on. As with most things that fall into the legal sphere, contesting a Will should be conducted with time and care.

Who invented the Internet

Who invented the Internet

The Internet was originally developed by DARPA the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as a means to share information on defense research between involved universities and defense research facilities.

Originally it was just email and FTP sites as well as the Usenet, where scientists could question and answer each other. It was originally called ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork. The concept was developed starting in 1964, and the first messages passed were between UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute in 1969. Leonard Kleinrock of MIT had published the first paper on packet switching theory in 1961. Since networking computers was new to begin with, standards were being developed on the fly. Once the concept was proven, the organizations involved started to lay out some ground rules for standardization.

One of the most important was the communications protocol, TCP/IP, developed by Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn in 1974. Robert Metcalfe is credited with Ethernet, which is the basic communication standard in networked computers.

Tim BernersLee, who perhaps specified technological applicability and/or linguistic construction of HTML while working at CERN, is chiefly credited for the ease of use and wide public adoption of the web.

Al Gore really did have a substantial part in the US legal framework and governmental issues related to the Internet; he never said he invented it.

There wasnt just ONE person who invented the Internet. The Internet is just a way to view files and information that someone puts onto a server. The Internet is just a way to access the information.

Leonard Kleinrock was the first person to write a paper on the idea of packet switching which is essential for the Internet to work. He wrote this idea in 1961.

Others who were essential to what we now call the Internet. Without these guys, the Internet wouldnt exist:

Larry G. Roberts created the first functioning longdistance computer networks in 1965 and designed the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network ARPANET, the seed from which the modern Internet grew, in 1966.

Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf invented the Transmission Control Protocol TCP which moves data on the modern Internet, in 1972 and 1973. If any two people invented the Internet, it was Kahn and Cerf but they have publicily stated that no one person or group of people invented the Internet.

Radia Perlman invented the spanning tree algorithm in the 1980s. Her spanning tree algorithm allows efficient bridging between separate networks. Without a good bridging solution, largescale networks like the Internet would be impractical.

Where is your appendix

Where is your appendix

Your appendix is at the Ileocecul junction, which is where the ileum from your small intestine and the cecum from your colon meet. It is located on the right lower quadrant of your abdomen.

Additional contributor opinions:The appendix is located at the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and it is connected to the cecum which is part of the large intestine. The cecum is a pouch at the beginning of the large intestine and not the end, the end is the anus. It is Definitely not located anywhere near the ribs.

There is no real use that has been confirmed for the appendix and is only noticed when inflammation occurs appendicitis and it has to be removed appendectomy. NOTE: Not that rare! 1 in 500 will have it closer to the ribs than the hips. It is thought that it was an extension on the large intestine left over from when humans ate raw plants so the body had more time to digest and get all of the nutrients out of the plant material.

How to Cure Scabies on Eyelids

How to Cure Scabies on Eyelids

Most severe forms of scabies can infest the face, eyelids, scalp, soles and palms. In such cases, the infestation is in its most severe state and can cause a lot of discomfort to the sufferers. Loads of medications have been introduced to treat the condition; however they often come with several side effects.

Sometimes, people would notice dry itchy eyelids or feel the presence of some crawling objects near their eyes. The doctors usually fail to diagnose the condition properly and hence lead to delayed treatment. If you were to observe under the handheld microscope, you would notice the presence of little white eggs on the eye lashes along with their faeces. Such infestations are a result of an extremely weak immune system and it would be best to try a combination of different treatments.

In order to eliminate mites from your eye lids, you can suffice to a few natural treatments. For an instance, prepare a mixture of tea tree oil and macadamia oil with about 20% of tea tree oil. You can also use tea tree shampoo or tea tree liquid soaps. Wash your eye lids with these natural products. If possible, try and keep these applications on the eye lids for about 4 minutes. Use qtips for applying tea tree oil on the eye lids and scrub it gently for about 510 minutes. Monitor the progress of your treatment every week by checking your eyelids under the microscope. Quite a lot of scabies forums are existent on the internet in the recent times. You would be able to get detailed information about all cases, from people who have actually been through the condition.

How To Cure Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

How To Cure Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Is there a cure for PCOS? I sincerely believe that there is a cure for every ailment that afflicts us.

I sincerely believe in the mindbody connection and that any illness that we may suffer from is as a result of two things.

First we feed our bodies foods and substances it was never designed to handle. Look at it this way, if you have a car and it was designed to run on gasoline, you will not fill it water will you? Neither will you fill it with beer, wine or juice. Yet that is exactly what we do to our bodies.

Our bodies were never designed to handle the heavily processed and unnatural man made substances that we feed it dayin dayout.

One way to enjoy good health is to stop eating junk foods and feed your body what it was designed to be sustained with, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, water, plenty of exercise and enough fresh air and sunshine. Do this and your body will blossom and correct any malfunctions.

Second, you need to reduce the amount of stress in your life. I know this is easier said than done, but look at it this way, if you are stressed about work, if you drop dead tomorrow, the company you work for will not collapse.

In fact, I can bet you, it wont take them long to fill your vacant position. Your health must and should always come first.

The same applies to home life and any issues you may have. Life is too short to spend three quarters of it worrying and believe it or not the less you worry, the less you have to worry about.

One herb that you can use that has been shown to work well as a cure for PCOS is Garcinia Cambogia Also known as Brindall Berries or Malabar tamarind

It is a small tropical fruit that comes from central Asia and contains HCA hydroxylcitricacid.

This Acid enables carbohydrate to be turned into useable energy instead of being deposited as fat. It also helps to suppress appetite, reduce sugar cravings and insulin resistance, and inhibit the formation of fat and cholesterol and balance hormones in the body.

How To Choose Collagen Supplements

How To Choose Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements are extremely popular because collagen supports the skin and is essential to our bodies natural range of movements. Collagen is vital for the underlying structure of muscles, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and bones. Sagging skin and wrinkles develop through the loss of collagen. For some great natural recipes you can make at home and use along with collagen supplements to keep your skin looking vibrant, I recommend you check out the incredibly popular Naturally Skinsational. The recipes in this book are a perfect complement to the right supplement.

Many people with arthritis or bonerelated pain report increased function and decreased pain when using collagen supplements. If you are considering orthopedic surgery or are in pain, strongly consider a collagen supplement program to see if you can improve your functionality, endurance and reduce pain levels.

Many people also use collagen topically and via supplementation for improving the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Currently many lip plumpers, skin products and other collagen supplements increase collagen upon application and tout this because collagen is thought to create a more youthful appearance. Collagen injections, cream and other facial collagen products are becoming increasingly popular and available.

If you are considering beginning a regimen of collagen supplements, there are a few things you should consider first.

Determine your need. If you are taking collagen for arthritic changes, bone pain or to repair an injury, you will want to consider Glucosamine combinations like glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM which are frequently available. If you are interested in collagen supplements for aesthetic skin purposes, youll be more interested in nonGlucosamine supplements. Note that there are three types of collagen: Collagen I, II and III. Collagen II is mainly used for arthritisrelated needs.

Determine accompanying supplements. Vitamin Cs prime function is to make collagen, and Lysine aids in collagen formation. If you cannot tolerate Vitamin C supplements due to gout or other medications, consider the C Ester form of Vitamin C that is known as Ascorbyl Palmatate; it is readily available and is less acidic so the body tolerates it better. You can buy vitamin C supplements online. If you cannot take Vitamin C as a supplement, look to increase your Vitamin C food intake, as collagen must have Vitamin C to work.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, while not needed to make collagen supplementation work in and of itself, will serve to recycle the Vitamin C nutrients already in your body, thus boosting the effectiveness of the Vitamin C that is already working to form and sustain collagen. Alpha Lipoic Acid is also a great allpurpose antioxidant to reduce the swelling associated with bone pain or injury. It will remove toxins and improve functionality of the fluid in the joint that is causing pain, and is great for the appearance of your skin as well.

Glucosamine works in tandem with Collagen supplements for arthritis and other bone pain issues, but does not directly impact collagen production or maintenance. If your intention is to keep the collagen you have for aesthetic concerns, such as to ward off wrinkles, Vitamin C is a required supplement. Other typical beauty related reasons for taking collagen include weak fingernails and brittle hair.

If your goal is to buy joint supplements for pain management, look for a combination supplement intended for this use, such as glucosamine tablets. Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are relatively cheap and can be effective. So its typically used for bone health reasons.

Determine the appropriate dosage. Dosages are determined by your reason for taking Collagen. There does not appear to be an overdose risk since collagen is watersoluble and is quickly eliminated from the body. However this means that it needs to be replenished regularly.

The FDA considers Collagen supplements to be a food substance. If you are taking collagen for beautyrelated reasons or general bone support that is not related to rheumatoid arthritis, about 56 grams is adequate. A great option is Super Collagen + C, Type I and III by Neocell Laboratories. This set of 250 pills sells for about $20 at Amazon.

If you are looking to address arthritis pain, specifically rheumatoid arthritis, dosages of Collagen II need to be more specific and can range anywhere from 5 to 10 grams per day. The use of Collagen type II reduces joint swelling, inflammation and pain, so it can be an effective solution. Yale Orthopedic surgeons have been recommending Glucosamine and collagen supplements to try to avoid invasive surgery whenever possible. Brands such as Schiff Joint Free Plus with Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Powder Dry Mix contain adequate dosages for this purpose.

Select a price range. Glucosamine and collagen combinations are more expensive but generally considered worth it since they are often highly effective in reducing pain and medication use while increasing function. You will generally know within three months if theyve helped your arthritis pain. Many variations are available such as the Schiff brand name Move Free. Your doctor or pharmacist can likely recommend a brand that they think is particularly helpful; friends with arthritic conditions often have good suggestions for effective supplements as well.

Select a brand that you can reasonably afford to purchase for daily use, without skimping on cost. A good allpurpose, nonGlucosamine collagen supplement is called Super Collagen + C, Type I and III by Neocell Laboratories.

Assess allergy, medication and lifestyle conflicts. Some supplement capsules contain sugar, wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, salt, or shellfish, so you should review the vitamin bottle labels for any potential allergens. Shellfish, especially, is a risk with a Glucosamine supplement and and may conflict with some high blood pressure medications.

Also assess if your collagen is chicken or bovinebased if you have concerns over mad cow disease or beef products. Vegetarians and vegans will also want to carefully assess the source of the collagen in all of their supplements. Glucosamine is generally not available as a product for vegans or vegetarians. An alternate form of collagen supplementation is simply taking higher dosages of vitamins that naturally produce collagen, such as Vitamin C. Vitamin supplements are available in many forms, such as liquid vitamin C which is a very popular nutritional supplement. Some vegetarians have also considered products such as MultiScorb by Progressive Labs, which contains all the supplements to help maintain and build your own collagen with no known animal products.

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What is Chicago Wrongful Death

What is Chicago Wrongful Death

A wrongful death lawsuit is an action filed in court when the wrongful conduct of a person, a company, or some other entity results in the death of another person. Such lawsuits are generally based on state statute, and may allow the close relatives of a person who died as a result of such a wrongful act to recover monetary damages for lost financial and emotional support. Usually, the victims surviving spouse, children, beneficiaries or dependents bring such a lawsuit. The wrongful act may be based on a negligent act, a reckless act, or even a deliberate act, such as murder. Prosecution of the alleged wrongdoer in criminal court does not preclude a private, wrongful death suit.

In Chicago, Medical Malpractice is a leading cause of wrongful death and is a serious issue in our hospitals. Hundreds of thousands of people die from medical malpractice related injuries in a single year. There are many different ways that a wrongful death may occur as a result of medical malpractice, for example:

Surgical Malpractice

Diagnosis Error

Bacterial Infection

Birth Injury

Medication Error

Auto accident

Nursing home negligence

But there are countless other circumstances under which a wrongful death may also occur. Basically, if someones wrongful actions caused injuries that resulted in your loved ones death, then that is a wrongful death. Do not hesitate to enlist the help of a medical malpractice attorney. Sexner Associates LLC deals mainly in medical malpractice cases. If you want to discuss your medical malpractice case, you can set up an appointment with one of their Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers for a free consultation.

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Parallel Parking Your Semi Truck

Parallel Parking Your Semi Truck

Being able to do this manoeuver will most certainly increase your confidence as a Semi truck driver, with sufficient tuition, patience and enough practice there is no reason why one day you might be able to parallel park a semitruck with confidence and efficiency. After getting yourself a CDL licence USA or HGV UK its a daunting experience being behind the wheels of a bulky powerful truck, trying to park in a cramped high street to make your deliveries you will need to at some point in your career perform a parallel park into a tight spot. A few tips that will help you when you are parking your semitruck:

Before manoeuvring, ensure that the vehicle is straight and both parts are aligned. When reversing the truck use the mirrors often, take it slowly use the mirrors as your guide. When a V shape is created between the truck and trailer you are at the right angle, halt the truck now.

Perform a full right turn, back it up till your trailer is aligned with the cab. At all times you need to check the mirrors, double check your alignment then halt, return the steering wheel and wheels to their normal position facing forwards.

Continue to reverse, perform a full lock to the left ensuring that both parts of the truck are in line with one another, try to avoid clipping the curb and. Should your vehicle not be straight or youre not happy with its position, just pull the truck forwards and backwards steering slightly to position the vehicle, relax and pull the hand brake up.

You may have a different technique than this one, if it works for you then stick with it. Dont go changing a good thing. Just remember to take it slowly, check your mirrors and look out for pedestrians and other motorists. Driving such a big vehicle means you have a duty of care not just as a truck driver but as a motorist.

McConaughey for Nolans INTERSTELLAR

McConaughey for Nolans INTERSTELLAR

Usually the name Matthew McConaughey wouldn even get a second glance from us here at Mania. Put that name next to Christopher Nolan and suddenly we are paying attention to the Magic Mike star. Though let be fair, McConaughey was pretty badass in Reign of Fire. The Nolan and McConaughey project is called INTERSTELLAR and so far not much else is known. Here is what we do know, it is heroic interstellar voyage to the furthest reaches of our scientific understanding.

Well Robert since you mentioned it, I have to say this out loud. Still to this date since seeing Reign of Fire back in theaters and on tv once in a great while. what was McConaugheys character while channeling his appearance of Stone Cold Steve Austin thinking when he performed the suicide lunge of death from above some 100 ft. in the air flying outwards about a good 1015 yards hilariously I might add for him to get snapped up by that dragon? Was he having a Dragonball Z moment?? Inquiring minds 10 years still later want to know. But have to admit, it was a good visual.

Marketing to Women using Indoor Advertising

Marketing to Women using Indoor Advertising

Indoor advertising placed strategically is a great tool for marketing to women. There are several forms of indoor advertising but restroom advertising has proven to be the most effective. With almost two out of three people remembering the ads theyve seen with restroom advertising, you can be sure that people are seeing your ad and that you are making an impression on viewers. With ads in high traffic locations like nightclubs, movie theaters, health clubs restaurants bingo halls and shopping malls businesses can target women based on the age of the women they are trying to target.

Why marketing to women is a hot trend?

In spite of earning lower wages than men, studies have shown ladies pave the way for up to 8085% of purchase decisions for their households. Regardless of the product businesses are targeting it makes sense to market to women because of their purchasing power.

Effective ways of using indoor advertising for women of different age groups

The most common form of indoor advertising is restroom advertising. Restroom advertising can deliver up to 3 minutes of captive female attention regardless of the general venue. The greater time of exposure is attributed to the fact that women in general have more patience and hence devote more time reading an ad than men. While indoor advertising can reach women and men of all ages let break down the venue locations for businesses that are trying to reach a particular age demographic.

Reaching the 1835 year old demographic.

Women in the 1835 year old age bracket visit health clubs sports bars and nightclubs. Because of how often women visit the restroom in these establishments the recall rate is as high as 84%.

Reaching the 2569 year old demographic.

On the other hand women between 25 and 69 years of age can be targeted in restaurants, diners, and cafes. A majority of these restaurants have separate restrooms for men and women. Hence, restroom advertising can be used to focus separately for genderspecific products. Because individual restaurants can attract a specific demographic it is important to consult your local indoor advertising company who has the local knowledge to help you pick the restaurants reaching your desired demographic.

Reaching the over 50 demographic.

For women over 50 years bingo halls, golf courses, and restaurants are great locations to target this demographic. Because of the fact women are frequenting these locations you know that have some disposable income.

Adding indoor advertising to a marketing strategy can drive sales and help brand your product or service to a wide range of women. Because of the effectiveness and affordability of restroom advertising, any business small or large can add indoor advertising as a part of a sound plan for marketing to women..

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When are PCI scans not enough

When are PCI scans not enough

What is PCI: PCI is an acronym for Payment Card Interface. It is a set of best practice guidelines which are highly recommended by the PCI council primarily bolstered by credit card companies and payment processors and such. These guidelines suggest what practices and procedures need to be followed in order to secure sensitive information related to financial transactions by a website/organization when participating in ecommerce activities on the Internet. Consider quarterly vulnerability analysis, encrypted storage of credit card data and usage of cryptography while transferring any such data and much more. The recommendations aim to provide a baseline to companies in order to secure the valuable data that they store. This is far from the truth. It is true though that getting a vulnerability scan done for your website and infrastructure will allow you to proactively fix security issues hopefully before hackers break in. More than 6,600 benign, legitimate website get hacked everyday. However, with the current spate of polymorphic webmalware traversing the Internet today, combined with the speed at which vulnerabilities in software used to design and host websites are being released, it is near impossible for most kinds of vulnerability scanning to keep up. To handle this situation, a constant monitoring service to alert you about intrusions to your website can prove to be helpful. The 24x7x365 monitoring alerts users to the fact that a piece of malware has made its way through the defenses of a site, the site owner is the first to know about this and can take immediate corrective action. This kind of new technology, based on advanced AI and selflearning mechanisms can scan websites with minimum interruptions, is totally SaaS based and uses advanced machine learning to catch neverbeforeseen malware. This is a significant break from the way most traditional AntiVirus software work. It can also turn into a golden opportunity to increase recurring revenue and distinguish one self from the competition.News: Rackspace Reflects on Three Years of OpenStackNews: Web Hosting Sales and Promos Roundup July 19, 2013News: Anchor to Open Second Data Center in Sydney to Support Customer DemandNews: RiverMeadow Software Releases Version 2.0 of Cloud Migration SaaSNews: Vantage Data Centers Names Sureel Choksi President and CEORead Back Issues of WHIR MagazineApril 2013 The Startup IssueRead the Digital Edition This issue dives into the topic of startups and their varied roles within the web hosting industry. I heard over and over again how valuable mentorship is for firsttime entrepreneurs, and mentorship and coaching is really at the heart of the hosting community.

What is plastic made of

What is plastic made of

Plastic is made of monomers

Organic plastics are polymers, composed of monomers repeating units. A polymer is a chain of molecules repeated again and again

these monomers will become plastic by addition polymerisation and the monomers are held by weak intramolecular forces and the forces may align themselves in a linear chain or a simple branched chain

Where do monomers come from?

Most monomers come from oil.

Carbon and Hydrogen Different kinds of monomers produce different kinds of plastics.

All organic plastics include a long backbone of carbon.

Some plastics, such as polystyrene, are composed of monomers that contain only carbon and hydrogen.

Other kinds of plastics are functionalized with a wide variety of other kinds of atoms either present in the original monomer, or added later after polymerization.

Most amino acids can be composed entirely from carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen CHON. In manufacture from , refineries process crude oil to produce, first, fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and a number of different lubricants. Then they spin off a wide variety of other . Some of these other are then used by chemical plants to make a wide variety of products such as fertilizers and plastic resins. Plastic resins are, in turn, used to produce many different types of plastic.

The majority of what we know as plastic today is made from materials that are extracted from crude oil. Often the same type of crude oil that is used to produce the fuels for cars. The term plastic merely refers to the property of being flexible but firm

Motorola Flipside MB

Motorola Flipside MB508

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More Math Games For The Active Child

More Math Games For The Active Child

Ask your child to gather up rocks, sticks, handfuls of grass, dandelions, or anything that doesn move no bugs! First have her group the likethings together in piles. Next start a pattern on the sidewalk from these piles and ask her to add on to it following the pattern you started. It will depend on her ability, but for example you could place rock, rock, grass, dandelion, rock rock, grass, dandelion, and tell her to keep it going.

Math Double/Triple Obstacle Course

Send your child on his merry way scrambling over and under chairs, up and down stairs, on top of beds, etc., with some wellplaced math question cards. These cards ask them to double or triple a number. the number 3 or the number 2 The questions will be relative to what your child is capable of, but try to make them multiplicationrelated.

Here another multiplication game. Gather a bunch of rocks into a pile at the top of your driveway. Ask your child to put 3 rocks out at the bottom of your driveway. Next have her run over and add rocks to double the original 3 rocks and tell you the total. Then ask her to put 3 x the original rocks, 4 x, etc. If your child isn ready for multiplication yet, have her put out the three rocks, take one away, and tell you what left.

These math games are just a starting point to get you going with some math games for your active child. There are many ways you can do math that are fun, including some cooking in the kitchen.

Check out Cookin Kids a cooking website just for kids. Cooking terms, safety tips, kid jokes, and easy free recipes. Read our full Terms of Service.

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What caused World War

What caused World War 1

Superficial and more fundamental causes

The trigger or spark was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by the Serbian Black Hand terrorists in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914.

The real question is this: Why was this crisis not dealt with in a more conventional, much less destructive way? There had been several crises before in the decade before 1914 and those involving the major powers in Europe had been settled peacefully. So did something go wrong in the handling of the crisis, or did one or more of the countries involved exploit the situation to plunge Europe into war?

The view that somehow Europe simply stumbled into World War 1 by accident is generally not accepted by historians. It is at this point that controversy begins.

Austrian Response to the Assassination

The Austrians delivered an ultimatum to Serbia that was almost guaranteed to be turned down by Serbia, but in the event Serbia accepted almost all the points. Austria then declared war on the grounds that it had not been accepted in its entirety. It has become fashionable at high school level to claim that the Austrians had been looking for an excuse to declare war because of lingering disputes between the two countries. It is probably more accurate to say that Austria was trying to clip Serbias wings and deny it a coastline.

On July 5, 1914, Germany which had reasons of its own for a war had given Austria a blank check, or unconditional guarantee of support in its actions against Serbia. Countries prepared for total war, using much of their resources to make armaments. In many countries, women were increasing their role in the workforce. This greatly expanded the available labor for industrial development, freeing manpower for the military while maintaining the production of armaments. Everyone was preparing for this war.

WWI was caused by nationalism. When the war was declared on Germany, people burst out on the street celebrating in France and Britain. If the population had not been primed to support the war, the government might not have started it!

WWI was the result of a long string of events dating back to the 1890s. Conflict in the Balkans and complex European alliances were the main causes. Germany had a huge role in this. They fought for the independence of Morocco in an attempt to break the alliance between France and Britain. Germany also participated in an arms race. Kaiser Wilhelm II started building up a navy, trying to surpass Britains fleet. Since Britain was an island nation, and had many overseas colonies, it had a gigantic navy, so what the Kaiser was attempting to do was no easy feat. Germany wanted to increase its own colonial empire, and most of the good colonies were already taken. These actions and policies helped fuel the fire that was WWI.

The Triple Entente and The Central Powers

Longterm feuds and disputes, caused by imperialism and nationalism, resulted in the Triple Entente. England, France and Russia created a common alliance opposed to the Triple Alliance of Germany, AustriaHungary, and Italy. When war finally broke out, it was between the Entente and its supporters and the Central Powers Germany, AustriaHungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire, see below.

The breakup of the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe and the loss of AlsaceLorraine by France to Germany 1871

In Eastern Europe: The breakup of the Ottoman Empire in Eastern Europe, leading to the Slavic independence movements in areas such as Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. The SerbianAustrian relations were especially tense as Austria had demanded an independent Albania, thus preventing Serbia from expanding into the Adriatic during the 1900s. This aggressive movement led to increased tension between Russia and Austria as Russia supported the independence movements of the Slavs. Turkey then supported Austria to gain Austrian support.

In Western Europe: The loss of AlsaceLorraine by France to Germany in 1871 led to much bad feeling between the two countries. The Kaisers selfproclaimed goal that Germany have a place in the sun did nothing to ease tensions. Instead, the military buildup in Germany, especially the expansion of the Navy, drove Britain alarmed at the direct challenge posed by the German High Seas Fleet to the British Royal Navy into an alliance with France. When World War I began, everything began falling into place: Austria and the Ottoman Empire declared war on Serbia. This caused Russia and France to declare war on the both of them. And this led to Germany declaring war on Russia and France which were allied with Britain. In order to attack France via the Schlieffen Plan invasion of France via Belgium, Germany invaded Belgium. This direct violation of the neutrality guarantee led to Great Britains declaring war on the Central Powers. The War was on.

The Peace Plan

After the archdukes assassination triggered WW1, Austria and Germany rejected a peace treaty proposed by Britain on July 26 of 1914. Instead of trying to work things out between Austria and Serbia, Germany wanted a cause for war. The assassination served as a spark, but it definitely didnt cause WW1. There were many reasons for World War 1There were many causes of World War One. These are just some of the important ones: 1. Britain and Germany were competing for the most powerful navy in the world, causing tension in Europe. 2. Many European countries were trying to get as many colonies in Africa as they could, so there was a lot of minor fighting. The result was that European countries werent very friendly towards each other. 4. There was a new thing called nationalism. Countries felt that if there was a war theyd win very easily. 5. Many countries wanted to be independent. 6. The heir to the Austrian throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip. The assassination caused war to be declared. Europe was a big tinderbox and the assassination was the spark.

There were Seven Causes of World War One

The first one is the FrancoPrussian war. During the Franco Prussian war France lost AlsaceLorraine to Prussia Germany. With the loss of their land, tension was created. The second cause was the alliance systems. When the triple entente and triple alliance were created, all of the countries were trying to build up a stronger power against each other. The third cause was the Balkan Powder Keg. The Balkans were in an area that other countries wanted but they believed that if something happened there, the countries would erupt in war. The fourth cause of WWI was imperialism. All of the countries were fighting over land in Africa to increase their nationalism. Nationalism is the fifth cause of WWI. People had so much nationalism that when the war was announced everyone was signing up to be included in it. This also led to the Arms race which is the sixth cause. The Arms Race was where all of the countries were building up their military. No country wanted to be behind another country in militarism. Then the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand occurred, which is the last cause of WWI. When he was killed by a Serbian, the Balkans were outraged and sparked the war to start. By the time that the Archduke was assassinated, the world was just looking for an excuse to start the war.

The Eighth Reason : German Military Leadership

According to the German historian Fritz Fischer, there is a wealth of documentary evidence that points a very clear, accusing finger at Germany. By Germany he doesnt of course mean all Germans, but the German General Staff. If one examines the German and Austrian documents together, it becomes very clear that there were hawks and doves in Vienna. At one point it looked as if the doves were about to carry the day, and the consternation of the German General Staff knew no bounds. They used all their contacts and all their influence to make sure they got their jolly little war. AustriaHungary was put under immense pressure to escalate the crisis. This eighth reason is as important as the preceding seven put together.

There is also an interesting book by David Fromkin: Europes Last Summer: Who started the Great War in 1914?2004Domestic PoliciesThere is a theory by Arno Mayer that the whole period from about 19101945 was one of profound crisis in Europe. In most countries the old elites, especially the landowning classes, were experiencing immense difficulty in adapting to the results of industrialization, and were deeply alarmed at the prospect of losing any real role in society. They were also haunted by the spectre of unrest and revolution. As a result they were only too happy to deflect conflict from the domestic scene to foreign affairs and to form dangerous domestic alliances with newstyle rightwing extremists. One of the astonishing features of the specific crisis that developed as a result of the Sarajevo assassination is that few of the great powers attached much value to maintaining the peace. Even if Arno Mayer overstates his case slightly, it is interesting and it would be a mistake just to dismiss it.